LAND AND PEOPLE: RECENT Films of James Benning

Legendary American filmmaker James Benning in person for all screenings!

James Benning is one of the world's most significant and groundbreaking avant-garde filmmakers.  Beginning the early 1970s, he began his exploration of the American landscape on film, while introducing rigorous formal structures and experiments with sound and image.  In these, his recent films, made between 2004 and 2012, a range of Benning's longtime interests and greatest gifts come to light: his working class roots and political activism (the war) and his interest in places, history and cinematic time (STEMPLE PASS, 13 LAKES and TEN SKIES).  This series is presented and curated by AFS Artistic Director, Richard Linklater, with James Benning in attendance at every screening.  Make-level members and above may attend the war and STEMPLE PASS screenings free of charge.


Saturday, April 6, 11 AM

Richard Linklater to conduct a Q&A with James Benning after the screening.

Benning's attraction to landscapes, form and studying place over time coalesces in this astonishingly rich, minimalist work which consists of long takes of thirteen US lakes. While formal in structure, a narrative emerges; artist Martin Beck wrote of the film  "13 Lakes tells the story about a landscape, its virginity, and its culturalization." The film will be presented on 16mm. More Information and Tickets >>

Saturday, April 6, 3 PM

Richard Linklater to conduct a Q&A with James Benning after the screening.

The companion piece to 13 LAKES, TEN SKIES documents a series of skyscapes in California. James Benning described it as an anti-war film, "about the antithesis of war, [about] the kind of beauty we are destroying."  The films have been heralded as cinematic masterpieces by cinephiles and critics alike. Presented on 16mm. More Information and Tickets >>

the war
Sunday, April 7, 5 PM

Russian art group Voina and outspoken punk band Pussy Riot are some of the activists documented in this film, which surveys some of the biggest activist happenings staged against the autocratic powers that be in today's Russia. Presented digitally. More Information and Tickets >>

Monday, April 8, 7 PM

Static shots of Benning's northern California cabin make up one of several Benning films exploring isolation in nature.  In STEMPLE PASS, Waldenesque imagery contrasts with the voiceover writings of Ted Kaczynski. Presented digitally. More Information and Tickets >>



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