The Austin Film Society (AFS) and IFC Films reunited writer/director Richard Linklater and cast members Patricia Arquette and Ellar Coltrane with cast and crew from the 12-year project of BOYHOOD for special screenings and events on July 13 and 14. We at AFS were honored to celebrate the delightful new movie from our organization's founder.  

Amongst the large number of cast and crew in attendance at our AFS events were BOYHOOD filmmaker Richard Linklater, stars Patricia Arquette and Ellar Coltrane, and producer Cathleen Sutherland.  

During Sunday's Q&A and at Monday's intimate dining experience at Jeffrey's, we were lucky enough to hear first-hand Linklater, Arquette, Coltrane and Sutherland share very personal stories about their experiences working together during the production of the movie, with Coltrane joking that Lorelei Linklater took on the real-life role of a big sister while filming, Arquette talking about bonding with the young cast in an early day of shooting while decorating the kids' bedrooms on-set, and Linklater remembering the many serendipitous moments that occurred during the filmmaking, like his daughter bowling a strike right on queue moments before a scene was about to wrap.    

BOYHOOD was shot across a 12-year period - the first time in history this has been accomplished - in various Texas locations.

We at AFS are incredibly proud of Rick's movie, and it appears we're not the only ones, with critics across the world saying "the best movie of the year"  (Rolling Stone), "in a class by itself" (Leonard Maltin), "A film that I love more than I can say" (The Guardian, UK), "recalls the work of those European helmers Linklater so admires: Fassbinder, Bergman, Bresson"  (Variety), etc. 

Please check out our photos from the BOYHOOD events on our Facebook page.

BOYHOOD opens in select US theaters on July 18.

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