AFS offers tours of our Austin Public and Austin Studios campuses for educational and community organizations. Whether it’s a closer look at careers or exploration of the complete production process, AFS tailors tours to the interests and skills of attendees.


Your tour group must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a tour:
(1)  Group must be associated with a school, university and/or community organization.
(2) Group must be between 5 – 30 people in total.  (This includes students and chaperones.)
(3) There must be at least one adult per 8 kids.
Tour requests can be submitted here.

Tours at Austin Public are $5 per student and designed to be interactive and hands-on. Participants will have the opportunity to see themselves in front of a green screen and learn about television production.

Tours at Austin Studios are free to the public and intended to educate our community. We do, however, appreciate any donations, all of which go towards continuing AFS’s community programs. Suggested donation amount is $4-$5 per person.

Due to operational hours and production schedules, we can only book a limited number of tours each month. Therefore, tour requests are first-come, first-served. Depending on group size, you may be combined with another group.


Tours last 1 – 1.5 hours, depending on the interests of the tour group.

At Austin Public attendees will learn about community public access channels, tour the Community Media Center which includes editing lab, production equipment room, and two fully operational television studios. Participants will also see themselves on a large projector in various scenes in front of the green screen!


At Austin Studios we begin in the AFS Screening Room, where attendees learn the history of the Studios and an overview of how films are made.  Then we will take a walking tour of the facility, seeing various sets, equipment and production activity.  Tour routes depend on filming schedules and time of year, but all tours are guaranteed to kick the creative spirit into high gear!

Tours are open to all ages, however children ages 7 and up tend to engage with the tour better than younger students.


Austin Public is a working television production facility, and as such all tour groups must be respectful of the space. Filming may be taking place in our studios therefore we ask that all groups remain together and with chaperones at all times. Group photography is allowed in certain areas of the facility.


Austin Studios is a working production facility, and as such, all tour groups must be respectful of the people working on the lot and the production space itself. This means: (a) no loud noises or roughhousing; (b) no touching any set pieces; (c) no photography or social media while on site; and (d) no walking around on your own while at the Studios.

In addition, the tour involves some walking outside, so groups should dress for the weather.  Attendees are encouraged to wear close-toed shoes, as many of the sets are under construction. Due to production schedules, we cannot promise access to any particular space during the tour.

Unfortunately, there are no concessions at Austin Public and Austin Studios, nor is their a space to eat lunch. But, there are numerous restaurants and parks near by that can be used by your group.

Photography is allowed at Austin Public in certain areas of the facility. Please check with your tour guide for permitted areas.


Photography and video is not allowed at Austin Studios, including the use of social media.

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