Signup Alert: Special Free MLK/FBI Virtual Screening Added with Special Guests

For those of you who may have missed the rescheduling news on this event, which was delayed by the bad weather, the Free Virtual Screening of the new documentary MLK/FBI is open to all. Register for your ticket here and the film will be unlocked on the AFS@home platform on Friday, March 5 at 3 PM. Our screening window will be from March 5 – March 9.

On March 9, you can also participate in a live Zoom discussion with the director of the film Sam Pollard and LBJ School Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, Dr. Peniel E. Joseph (who is also the author of The Sword and The Shield: The Revolutionary Life of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.). This is a cultural event of the highest order and we hope you can take advantage of this opportunity to learn some of the hidden sides of one of America’s most important historical struggles.

All guests who register to watch the film will be emailed the Zoom link on March 9th. If you would like to only register for the conversation, sign up here.

Pollard’s film takes us into the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. as the Civil Rights struggle unfolds, first locally in the South, then nationally and internationally. Dr. King’s job was monumental enough without the resistance he and his allies encountered from the powerful, long-entrenched head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. As the film shows, the campaign mounted against the Civil Rights Movement, and Dr. King in particular, was brutal, intense and destructive to democracy. The documentary presents new evidence that demonstrates just how obsessed the nation’s top law enforcement investigator was with King, whom he saw as a subversive agitator against the American way.

It’s a film that will cause all of us to reflect about the way in which history is preserved and the meaning we all draw from it. We could not have better guests to help us unpack this film than its director Sam Pollard, and Dr. Peniel Joseph, an expert on the history and ideological currents of the era. Please sign up here and join us for the event.

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