shortcase 2017

AFS is excited to return to SXSW once again with our member showcase! ShortCase is a showcase of short films made by AFS MAKE members. Thanks to SXSW, we're able to offer this opportunity for our members to have their work seen during the 2017 SXSW Film Festival. ShortCase is made possible through SXSW's Community Screening program in which the festival brings in local organizations to showcase their work. SXSW Community Screenings are free and open to the public. Shorts that are screened in ShortCase are not official selections of SXSW and are not entered into competition. This year, we'll be curating a 90 minute program on Monday, March 13th at 8:30 PM at the Vimeo Theatre. 

This year's lineup is: (listed in the order they will screen)

AUDIBLE STATIC by Sai Selvarajan (10 min)
Thaddeus is a teenager in love. Love comes with panic. Silence. Racing thoughts, but no words. Just, audible static. In the last days on analogue, Thaddeus finds a way to cheat the system.

NECHES by Patrick Higgins and Kurt Hanley (7 min)
A journey up America's "last wild river" - the Neches River in East Texas - with its greatest living storyteller.

PACT by Zach Endres (8 min) 
Two loners contemplate ending their lives for the sake of an overpopulated Earth.

JAZZ ABROAD by Yuta Yamaguchi (14 min) 
Three Japanese female musicians travel abroad to learn jazz in the US and form an unique jazz band together.

MIDDLE WITCH by Amanda Gotera (19 min)
When a giant bird snatches her little sister from the backyard, teen witch-in-training Tasha must race to the rescue across a vast, mystical wasteland.

MISSIO: CAN I EXIST by Jeff Ray (5 min) 
Separated as children due to their skin color, two friends reunite during theBaltimore City race riots of 1968.

IMAGO by Liz Cardenas Franke (8 min)
The courageous, life-altering decision to never let anyone bully him ever again – not even his own father – leads a 15-year-old gay teen to fully embrace who he is.

SHILO by Tyler Russell (9 min)
Shilo Harris pursues a lifelong dream to serve his country and ultimately succeeds in becoming a true war hero.

DAVE by Lauren Pruitt  (10 min) 
Young and flirty Dave wants to grow up to be a plus-size model. Her grandmother Ronda, has a hard time controlling her risqué behavior. "DAVE" is a coming-of-age musical about one girls' formative years as a pre-pubescent aspiring model.

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