Cine Las Americas & AFS present: 

Written by Jean-Claude Carrier and Patricio Saiz

Cinematography by Juan Carlos Rulfo

Editing by Valentina Leduc

With Peter Brook, Jean-Claude Carriere, Milos Forman, and Iris Carriere

Mexico, 2011, HD, color, 90 min.

French/English/Spanish with English subtitles

Collaborating with Luis Buñuel on adaptations, dialogue, and screenplays for six films during the prolific Spanish director’s third stage of his directing career (DIARY OF A CHAMBERMAID, BELLE DE JOUR, THE MILKY WAY, THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE, THE PHANTOM OF LIBERTY, and THAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE), Jean-Claude Carrière has had an amazing eight decades of life, spending 50 years as a writer for stage and screen. In this transcendent documentary by the noted Mexican filmmaker Juan Carlos Rulfo, Carrière takes us on a journey to seven regions of the globe which have deeply affected him. Ironically he proposes that he will eventually die 250 meters from the house in which he was born.

Thursday April 18, 7 PM
Stateside Theatre
(713 Congress Ave)

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This film is one of many playing at the 16th Cine Las Americas Film Festival  (April 16-21).
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