Date and Time

Fri, Aug 21
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Online - Zoom

The Criterion Channel, with its unparalleled streaming slate of essential global cinema, is our go-to repertory programmer of the “stay at home” era. Our new members-only Discussion Clubs series will bring together our member community for group conversations about some of the gems available for home viewing on Criterion Channel. We’ll be meeting on Zoom to discuss the films, and inviting some special guests to hear what they love best about the selected films.

Our inaugural chat will feature two films from the early 1980s by two Black auteurs who, in very different ways, told stories grounded in unique local cultures. Horace Jenkins’ CANE RIVER is a sun-drenched chronicle of a romance between a young man from a well-to-do Creole community in rural Louisiana, and a striving student from a nearby working-class town. MY BROTHER’S WEDDING is the second feature film by legendary ‘LA Rebellion’ independent filmmaker (and AFS Advisory Board member) Charles Burnett. It’s the story of Pierce, a misanthropic young man in South Central LA who becomes a thorn in his family’s side as they prepare for his brother’s marriage into an upper middle-class family. Capturing the community and neighborhood in specific detail, the film is a defining portrait of 80s Los Angeles and yet refreshingly contemporary in it’s comedic and political notes. MY BROTHER’S WEDDING was a major influence on AFS-supported film MISS JUNETEENTH, and that film’s director, Channing Godfrey Peoples, will join the Discussion Club event as a featured speaker.

Currently, AFS Discussion Clubs are open to members only. Not a member? Sign up here >>

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for Criterion Channel and use AFS’s unique code to claim your 3-month 50% off discount.
  2. Before August 21st, watch MY BROTHER’S WEDDING (Charles Burnett) and CANE RIVER (Horace Jenkins) on Criterion Channel.
  3. Register for our Discussion Club event. We’ll email you a Zoom invitation to join us for the event.
  4. Mark your calendar for August 21st at 8PM CST for the discussion.

At the event:

  1. Click on the Zoom link at that time and we’ll let you into our Discussion Club “room”
  2. Keep your camera feature on so we can see who is with us
  3. If you have a question or comment about the film you’d like to share with the group, use the “raise hand” feature in Zoom. We’ll unmute you and give you the floor.

More about participating in community conversations in AFS spaces:

AFS is an inclusive environment and working for racial equity both within our organization and in the film community at large. Conversations at AFS are held among community members across race, gender, sexuality, socio-economic background and life experience. When we visit the cinema, we actively “de-center” our own experiences to step into other perspectives, and what makes our conversations fun are the creative ideas and perspectives from across the community. We encourage all conversation participants to be active and respectful listeners, and speak from their own experiences. And of course, AFS does not tolerate hate speech or intimidation of anyone in our spaces. You can read our code of conduct here. AFS supports the movement for Black lives, and you can read more about that here.

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