Austin Public Studio 2 Training (Space Only)

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Date and Time

Wed, Apr 19
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM


$65 Producers and Crew Only


Austin Public - Studio 2
1143 Northwestern Ave. Austin, TX 78702

Certification Classes


This class provides hands-on certification training for Studio 2, a 360 sq. ft. studio with an LED lighting system, Panasonic PTZ robotic cameras (X3), news desk set, various curtains and a roll of seamless green paper. This class is a stand alone class that provides Producers certification on the Studio 2 space only. The Studio 2 Control Room is taught separately in our “Studio Control Room & Multi-Camera Training” class. 

This course certifies Producers in the following equipment to then reserve at no additional cost:

  • Studio 2 (360 sq. ft. studio)
  • LED lighting board and light types
  • Overview of Panasonic PTZ camera and controller
  • AJA Ki-Pro recorders
  • Studio protocols, general safety, ladder safety

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