ONSITE: Cinematography Workshop: The Professional Indie Set

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Sun, Jul 18
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM CST


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Austin Public
1143 Northwestern Ave

Bundled packages are available for our two Cinematography courses: “Camera, Lenses and Lights” and “The Professional Indie Set: Maximizing Resources through Leadership & Collaboration.” Buy your bundled package here >>

The Professional Indie Set: Maximizing Resources through Leadership & Collaboration

This 6-hour workshop will has limited spaces and focuses on organization and collaboration for the sake of efficiency while shooting on a limited independent budget.  It will establish a realistic, hands-on framework for understanding the realtime demands of professional production. It will also illustrate opportunities for key members to delegate tasks so they can focus on their most important responsibilities. For example: through better coordination and collaboration directors can spend more time focusing on performance rather than dealing with the logistics of shooting a film.

Some topic explored:

  • Director’s main responsibilities on & off the set
  • How the Assistant Director assists the production in the best ways possible
  • How the Cinematographer works with the Director in pre-production through post
  • Pre-production meetings: where the art really happens
  • Location scouting
  • Set etiquette
  • Set jargon
  • Set safety
  • Protecting the crew

About the Instructor – Ángel Granados: After graduating from UCLA’s MFA Cinematography program, award-winning cinematographer Ángel Granados served as an in-house cinematographer for the American Society of Cinematographers in Hollywood. After 16 years of professional work in 15 countries, he now serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Austin Community College and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City.


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