Post-Production Workflow

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Sat, Jan 22
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This online, 2-day, 8-hour workflow course will delve deeply into the management of data, information, and people to most efficiently produce creative works of cinema.  All stages of filmmaking will be examined, with an emphasis on creating tools between production and post-production in order to consolidate costs and open up budget to be used on screen.

Some topics include:

  • proper pre-production preparation
  • round tripping
  • standard operation procedures
  • proper logs and other communication between production and post
  • media management
  • compression/decompression
  • conforming, finishing and color grading
  • sound mix
  • LUTs
  • deliverables.

Because every project presents its own unique problems and challenges, this is a large overview course, not getting too far into specific details of any one element.  The variety of crew positions, paperwork, equipment, and software available to help in all these areas will all be introduced, so that an individual can best learn what tools are available for, assess, and create a workflow to most cost-effectively get any project from conception to completion.


About the Instructor: Andrew C. Richey

Andrew Richey is a producer and editor best known for his work on Fig, directed by Ryan Coogler and aired by HBO for two years and the documentary Code Black that won several awards and was adapted into a successful television show that is currently running on CBS. He has worked on dozens of projects in Los Angeles and Texas.  He has worked on the Terrence Mallick editing team helping develop and maintain workflows and editing offices and finishing the documentary Voyage of Time.  Andrew taught film production at Austin Community College prior to COVID.

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