Works-In-Progress Dallas: HURDLE

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Date and Time

Thu, Jan 31
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Free, but limited to AFS and Texas Theatre members.


Texas Theatre
231 W Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75208

Documentary Feature

As the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories reaches its 50th year, Hurdle reveals an intimate story emerging from the hearts and actions of Palestinian youth. The new generation responds to a world of walls, checkpoints and arrests in an unexpected and inspiring way. Hurdle’s protagonists, Sami and Mohammad, begin teaching the creative practices of parkour and photography to the youth of their communities as a means to overcome personal and political obstacles that often feel inescapable. Though they are separated by a wall, these young men are united in leading the next generation toward freedom and self-determination through non-violent, creative practices.

Directed by Michael Rowley
Michael Rowley is an emerging documentary filmmaker who has worked in the commercial film industry for nearly a decade. Founding the film production company Fold Studios in 2012, Rowley has demonstrated the ability to apply his technical skill and honest approach to transform challenging subject matter into impactful narratives. The result has been partnerships with NGO’s based in conflict zones, Grammy-Nominated artists and human rights organizations with international impact. Hurdle will be his documentary feature directorial debut and is the recipient of Austin Film Society’s North Texas Pioneer Grant and a winner of the American Documentary Film Festival Pitch Competition.

AFS’s Works-In-Progress Dallas series is an offshoot of our long-running WIP program that caters specifically to the Dallas/North Texas region. AFS Works-In-Progress Dallas is realized in partnership with the Texas Theatre and Oak Cliff Film Festival and features works by North Texas filmmakers screened at the historic Texas Theatre. The program provides the growing, diverse and vibrant filmmaking communities of North Texas peer-level critiques of rough or fine cuts of their work. Screenings are free but exclusive to AFS and Texas Theatre members and are followed by moderated audience feedback sessions. Active AFS members of all levels can reserve free tickets through the AFS website. Texas Theatre members can collect their free tickets in person at the Texas Theatre on the day of the screening. Do you have a film you want to submit for Works-In-Progress consideration? AFS MAKE level members and above can apply here? Not an AFS MAKE member? Register your membership here

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