Works-In-Progress: ENDLESS LIGHT

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Date and Time

Thu, Sep 26
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Free, but limited to AFS MAKE level members and above.


Austin Public
1143 Northwestern Ave, Austin, TX 78702

Narrative Feature

A woman awakens back in her hometown after an attempted suicide. Struggling for mental stability & agency, she discovers that her brother drowned in a remote Alaskan lake in an apparent occult ritual. Incredulous, she enlists the aide of a traveling Dionysian musician & conjures the same ritual to find him.

Directed by Caleb B. Kuntz

Caleb B. Kuntz (writer/director/producer) – Born & raised near the Arctic Circle in Fairbanks, Alaska, Caleb B. Kuntz’s work as director showcases an explorative eye, finding connections between nature & humankind and the ways that each adapt independently & collectively to one another. His documentary and narrative films have screened globally, with his most recent film, Florence, having received awards for Cinematic Excellence and Innovative Filmmaking during its festival run.

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