MERCH GIRL is the coming of age story of Abbie Evans, a remarkable young woman born with a rare genetic skin disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Making skin as delicate as tissue paper and with no known cure, EB is a lethal and debilitating disease. Abbie, however, has defied the odds, and with support from her musician father and caring mother, she has created a fearless identity outside of her incurable condition. This Austin based documentary follows Abbie’s journey toward a new understanding of herself, her disease, and most importantly her desires. From her father’s honky tonk shows to the comfort of her mother's home and the hospital rooms where she must often return, Abbie's powerful struggle to exist as a normal girl reveals what it truly means to live life on your own terms.

Official Trailer:

Thursday, October 24, 7 PM
AFS Screening Room

(1901 E. 51st St - Use Gate 2 Entrance)

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