What it is

Our Narratives-in-Progress program began in 2005 as a way to offer the growing, diverse and vibrant filmmaking community of Austin peer-level critiques of rough/fine cuts of their narrative features. Films that have gone through the program have premiered at major film festivals like Sundance, SXSW and the LA Film Festival.

We hold regular screenings of rough/fine cuts, followed by audience discussion and feedback (written and verbal). Sessions are moderated by experienced Austin filmmakers and audience members are expected to agree to confidentiality regarding the film and the feedback process.

Screenings are held in the evening, in the Austin Studios Screening Room. Filmmakers can select up to 10 people to invite to the screening. The remaining 20 available seats are open to AFS MAKE level (and above) members on an RSVP basis.

The Narratives-in-Progress Steering Committee will select which films will be screened.


The director / producer must be a current AFS member at the MAKE level ($65/year) or above. >> More about membership

Submitted rough cuts should have a running time between 40 and 120 minutes. Filmmakers should send in their applications as early in the editing process as possible, as it can take up to a month for the review and scheduling process to yield a screening date.

Filmmakers may submit their film for consideration a maximum of 2 times.


There are three ways to submit your film for consideration:

1. Mail the submission materials (listed below) along with 2 DVD copies of the film to:

Austin Film Society
ATTN: Narratives-in-Progress
1901 E. 51st
Austin, TX 78723

2. Email submission materials along with a link to a Vimeo version of the film to artistservices@austinfilm.org

3. Email submission materials to artistservices@austinfilm.org and mail 2 DVD copies to address above.  You may also send a VIMEO LINK of your finished film with your application materials to the email address above. 


  1. Director and/or Producer contact information, including: Name, mailing address, phone #, and email.

  2. A short synopsis of the film (1 paragraph maximum, should read like a festival program).

  3. Description of video submitted.  Detail any technical problems the committee should be aware of before reviewing the film. 

  4. Note what kind of feedback you are looking for at this stage of the filmmaking process.

  5. Project Personnel (1 page max).  This should include a short bio for the Director/Producer, as well as brief bios of the key creative personnel on the project.

  6. Timeline of the project, covering pre-production through distribution (1 page max).

  7. SASE if you need your materials returned. 

Please Note: projects will not be considered unless the Producer / Director is an AFS MAKE level (or higher) member. If you would like to submit your film for consideration in the series, and do not qualify at the member level, please also enclose a $65 check made payable to Austin Film Society or join online.

What happens next

We will not be able to publicly screen all submitted films. Once we receive submitted materials, the information is forwarded to members of our Screening Committee. They review the materials and will do one of two things: recommend the film for a public feedback screening session; or return the materials to the filmmaker with written comments.

If selected for a public screening, the filmmaker will be matched up with a moderator who will coordinate an audience feedback questionnaire. AFS staff will work with the filmmaker to schedule the event and technical details.

The night of the event we recommend the filmmaker have an associate keep notes on the moderated discussion following the screening. The entire event will run a maximum of 3 hours.