Internship FAQs


When will I be notified about my application?
Applicants will hear about their application status 15 business days after the application deadline.

The application form does not have a place to attatch additional documents. Should I send in my resume or additional supplementary materials?
No. Please do not send in any additional materials. If you are selected for an interview, we will ask that you bring in a copy of your resume at that time.

How many interns are selected each semester?
Each semester we choose a total of 10-15 individuals to become a part of the AFS intern team.

Is there an age requirement or limit?
In order to be eligible for the internship, you must be 18 years of age or older. There is no age limit.

Does the internship have to be for college credit?
It is not necessary that the internship be for college credit. We welcome both students and non-students to our program. If you would like college credit, you must plan accordingly with your institution.

Does the Austin Film Society provide room and board?
The Austin Film Society does not cover the costs of living or moving to Austin.

Is the internship paid?
The internship is unpaid; however, interns are reimbursed with mileage stipends when they run AFS related errands.

Do you need a car?
While it is not a requirement, the AFS staff does frequently ask interns to go on runs. Furthermore, it often works out that other members of the intern team have vehicles.

Do you need a film background in order to apply?
Our interns come from diverse backgrounds. We look for interns with career goals that fit our program. This ranges from interests in film production to interests in marketing, programming, non-profit organizations, etc.

Can I pick the hours I come in for my office shift?
Yes and No. Each intern will work one morning shift from 9am – 2pm and one afternoon shift from 2pm -6pm. At the beginning of the semester, interns will work together to figure out which two days out of the week work best for each particular individual. Same method of scheduling will be used to designate 4-hour shift at Austin Public.

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