Also Starring Austin


Directed by Mike Blizzard

USA, 2018, 1h 31min, DCP

Also Starring Austin

AFS Cinema

6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752


Fri, Feb 22

Director Mike Blizzard, Lara Morgan, Louis Black and Sonny Carl Davis, plus additional special guests join us for both shows. Arrive early to watch a pre-show reel curated by Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

Through interviews and judiciously edited film clips, this new documentary shows us how Austin became a destination for film production in the 1970s and has stayed that way ever since. Featuring Richard Linklater, Willie Nelson, Tobe Hooper, Sonny Carl Davis, and many others.


“Even viewers who are not film buffs or industry insiders will appreciate the many ways that Austin, the city, comes off in the clips. The physical cityscape has changed dramatically, of course, over the past 50 years. But each movie made here tells us something about changes in local culture as well.” – Austin American Statesman, Michael Barnes

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