Jacob Perlin Presents: Habicat for Humanity


Directed by Vojtech Jasny

Czechoslovakia, 1963, 1h 31min, DCP

Jacob Perlin Presents: Habicat for Humanity

AFS Cinema

6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752


Sun, Oct 28

A small village is turned upside down when a traveling circus featuring a magical bespeckled cat arrives. The cat has the power to literally change the color of people to reflect their true nature, in this whimsical Czech film from the 1960s. An allegorical fable chock full of imagination and style, the film will enchant children and adults alike.

About the series:
Jake Perlin, Artistic and Programming Director of the prestigious NYC arthouse The Metrograph, has programmed a series of films about a subject near and dear to his heart- cats. This series runs the gambit, from the family friendly Disney classic THE CAT FROM OUTER SPACE, to Stephen King’s horror film about a family harboring a strange secret in SLEEPWALKERS. Featuring rare oddities and shorts, as well as a live introduction from Perlin before each film.

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