Family Style


Directed by Spike Lee

1994, 1h 55min, 35mm

Family Style

AFS Cinema

6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752


General Public
$13 evening / $10.50 matinee

$4 discounts for AFS MAKE & WATCH members. Free for LOVE & Premiere.

Big-hearted and freewheeling, Spike Lee’s most personal film to date looks back on his childhood from the perspective of his sister, who dealt with four brothers in Brooklyn when all you needed to get by was a little “peace, love, and soul.”   Anchored by supporting performances by Alfre Woodlard and Delroy Lindo, as the schoolteacher mother and unemployed jazz musician father, the film features a memorable turn by a young Zelda Harris as Troy, this is a family affair co-written with siblings Joie and Cinqué Lee. In 35mm


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