The Complete Lone Wolf & Cub


Directed by Buichi Saitô

Japan, 1972, 1h 21min, DCP, In Japanese with English Subtitles

The Complete Lone Wolf & Cub

AFS Cinema

6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752


Sat, Jun 16

In this distinctly lowbrow entry in the LONE WOLF & CUB series, Samurai Itto Ogami is hired by the Owari clan to assassinate a tattooed woman who is killing her enemies and cutting off their topknots. Meanwhile, his young son Daigoro is separated from his father when he follows a pair of traveling street performers outside of town. (Janus Films)

About this series:

Originating in a manga by writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima, the LONE WOLF & CUB series is one of the definitive Japanese genre creations. When the Shogun’s assassin Ogami Ittō is betrayed by his own clan, he and his only surviving relative, his one year old son, hit the road to revenge. The great success of the films ensured that it was a long road indeed. Here we present the entire original series, which captures many different variations in tone and attitude, but always remains satisfyingly action-packed and bloody.


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