New Releases


New Releases


Fri, Jun 28

Tickets will go on sale the Monday before the first screening.

“The latest film from Mexican auteur Carlos Reygadas may well prove to be his Magnum Opus. Called a ‘one-man third wave of Mexican Cinema’ by Sight & Sound, Reygadas makes films that seem to begin at the beginning of the art form and rebuild it entirely. His features BATTLE IN HEAVEN, SILENT LIGHT and POST TENEBRAS LUX are known as much for their formal audacity as their emotional power. Reygadas is a philosopher and a poet. In his work he makes the old forms seem new and the new forms seem ancient. With OUR TIME, Reygadas goes right at the heart of sexual desire, jealousy and the human condition and creates vivid, unforgettable Cinema in the process.” – Lars Nilsen, AFS Lead Programmer


In his latest uncompromising (nearly 3-hour!) film, the writer-director Carlos Reygadas and his real-life wife Natalia López play a married couple who own and operate a ranch for breeding fighting bulls in the rural Mexican countryside. They are cultured and literate people – he is also a well-known poet – and they have an open marriage. When the rules of this sexual arrangement begin to fray, so does the trust at the heart of their partnership.


our time

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