New Releases


Directed by Janice Engel

USA, 2019, 1h 33min, DCP

New Releases

AFS Cinema

6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752

With former Texas Observer editor Nate Blakeslee and current editor Andrea Valdez joining us for a Q&A after the Friday, Aug 30th 7:30 PM screening.

RAISE HELL is the story of Molly Ivins, the political columnist and Texas maverick that spoke truth to power and gave voice to those that had none. The first woman to co-edit The Texas Observer, she took on the good ol’ boys, cracking wise and drinking them under the table. At the height of her popularity 400 newspapers carried her column. She railed against “Big Bidness” in government, and often said, “Texas is the national laboratory for bad gub’ment.” Prescient words as the “Texification” of U.S. politics: anti-intellectualism, public religiosity and machismo is here. With her death in 2007, the nation lost a freedom fighter that charged us to continue to Raise Hell.(SXSW)


“Smart, fearless and devilishly witty, she skewered the powerful with an unmistakable, impossible-to-duplicate style, using barbed humor to take down politicians and to highlight social inequalities. In the entertaining RAISE HELL: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MOLLY IVINS, her voice and presence come through as if she were still here.” – Caryn James, The Hollywood Reporter

“Ivins herself is always the star attraction with a consistency of endlessly quotable wit with a theatrically Texas flavor.” – Dennis Harvey, Variety

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