Special Guests: KUTX Presents

ROCK OPERA 20th Anniversary Screening & Reunion

Directed by Bob Ray

USA, 1999, 1h 26min, DCP

Special Guests  KUTX Presents

AFS Cinema

6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752


Sat, Oct 19


General Public
$11.25 evening / $9 matinee

$3 discounts for AFS MAKE & WATCH members. Free for LOVE & Premiere.

With special guests, including director Bob Ray, and a tell-all Q&A.

The music business has a glamorous side, with beautiful people and first-class accoutrements for all. It also has another side. This is the subject of Bob Ray’s gloriously trashy film ROCK OPERA, celebrating its 20th anniversary with this star-studded special event.


ROCK OPERA is the comedic tale of Austin musician Toe’s struggle to put together a tour for his struggling and “under appreciated” band PigPoke. Through selling dirt weed, stabbing people in the back, and double-crossing half a dozen of the meanest sons of bitches in Texas, Toe weasels himself into a position to get his band on the road. Rock Opera is half stoner comedy, half tense thriller and 100% rockin’ ass dope flick.

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