Directed by John Carpenter

USA, 1980, 1h 29min, DCP


AFS Cinema

6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752

John Carpenter’s story of a ghostly mist that settles onto a coastal California shipping town is surprisingly vivid and frightening, thanks to Carpenter’s mastery of the tools of horror filmmaking, his score, and the nuanced performances from the cast, which includes Jamie Lee Curtis, Hal Holbrook and Tom Atkins.


THE FOG is pivotal to the cementing of Carpenter’s aesthetic…he’s a master, period – a genre poet as pop existentialist.”Chuck Bowen, Slant

“In the decades since THE FOG debuted, Carpenter’s made a wide enough variety of films – action, science-fiction, social satire and more – that this particular picture no longer seems like a departure. Ultimately, it’s a John Carpenter movie: concerned with group dynamics, unhelpful authority figures, strong women, the sins of the past, and that moment when helpless isolation shades into outright terror.” Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

the fog

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