Sound Unseen 2021

THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE (15th Anniversary Screening)

Directed by Todd Rohal

US, 2006, 1h 36min, 35mm

Sound Unseen 2021

AFS Cinema

6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752


Fri, Oct 29


General Public & Members
$13 evening / $10.50 matinee

$4 discounts for all AFS members.

Filmmaker Jeff Nichols will moderate a Q & A with writer/director Todd Rohal following the screening.

“A revelation…The Guatemalan Handshake holds a place in my heart that is normally reserved for Easter candy” 

   — Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre, Gentlemen Broncos)

“Winner of Special Jury Prizes at Slamdance and Torino, Rohal’s vivacious feast for the senses bristles with his anarchic visual language, offbeat humor, ephemeral sense of narrative, circuitous character sketches, and freewheeling sense of mirth” 

(Baltimore City Paper).

“One of the coolest and most original indies of the last year!” 


“Invention and personality to spare! Not to mention marvelous mysteries, quirky connections and cockeyed running gags that Rohal effortlessly weaves into the design of the crazy-quilt comedy.” 


In the confusion following a massive power outage, an awkward demolition derby driver (Will Oldham) vanishes, setting in motion a series of events affecting his pregnant girlfriend, his helplessly car-less father, a pack of wild boy scouts, a lactose intolerant roller rink employee, an elderly woman in search of her lost dog, and his best friend – a ten-year-old girl named Turkeylegs.

Pieces of the mystery begin to come together as Turkeylegs sets out to find her missing friend. Cars drive circles in the dirt, a woman attends her own funeral, the sun rises sideways and an orange vehicle trades hands again and again. Everything eventually culminates in a massive demolition derby that throws all of the characters into different directions. 


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