Other Forms of Life, Programmed by Huma Bhabha


Directed by John Carpenter

USA, 1982, 1h 49min, 35 mm, English

Other Forms of Life, Programmed by Huma Bhabha

AFS Cinema

6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752

In what may be the most expressive use of practical special effects technology in a horror film, John Carpenter, and effects guru Rob Bottin have created an unforgettably visceral and effective scare machine of a film about a shape-changing alien invader whose first casualties on Earth are the inhabitants of a polar research station.

Guest programmer Huma Bhabha’s artwork has taken many cues from the multifaceted latex terrors created for this film.


From sci-fi horror to film noir to docu-fiction, this greatly varied and surprising series of films has been programmed by artist Huma Bhabha to coincide with her exhibition Other Forms Of Life, showing at The Contemporary Austin starting on September 15.


Presented in partnership with The Contemporary Austin

The Thing

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