Ingmar Bergman: The Darkness


Directed by Ingmar Bergman

Sweden, 1960, 1h 26min, 35mm, In Swedish with English Subtitles

Ingmar Bergman: The Darkness

AFS Cinema

6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752


Sun, Jun 3

Superstition in a callous world. Returning to a medieval setting, Ingmar Bergman turns a grim 13th century ballad into a stark tale of vengeance. Following the desecration and murder of his daughter, a pious farmer vows merciless retribution. With composed grace, the camera of Sven Nykvist captures the startling complexion of morality.

About this series:

This year marks the centennial of the great writer/director Ingmar Bergman. We will present two selections of his work, one in summer and one in fall. This, the first of the two series, focuses on characters in crises both godly and man-made as seen through the lens of Bergman, perhaps the filmmaker most able to express this “Darkness.”

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