Essential Cinema: World Animation


Directed by Rémi Bezançon and Jean-Christophe Lie

France, Belgium, 2012, 1h 18min, Digital, In French with English Subtitles

Essential Cinema  World Animation

AFS Cinema

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Sat, Jul 6

How often do you get to see a movie where the main heroes are a young African boy and a Bedouin nomad? How often do you get to see a movie where European civilization is a place to escape from rather than escape to? And how often do you see a children’s movie that is this wise about death, mourning, and moving on?” – Bilge Ebiri, Vulture

Bezancon and his team of three co-writers have crafted a simple yet meaningful fable filled with vivid characters and set-pieces, and one which doesn’t shy away from some of the less flattering aspects of Gallic history.” – Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

This French/Belgian film relates the early 19th-century story of how Zarafa, the first giraffe ever to be kept in a French zoo, came to live there with the assistance of a ten-year-old Sudanese boy and a Bedouin who rescues the boy from slavery. This film takes a tougher and more historically accurate look at colonialism and slavery than you may be accustomed to seeing in an animated work.

zarafa still 4

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