When directionless twenty-something Elliot Knight attends his 10-year reunion in Texas, a complex murder mystery leads his crew of high school pals on a mission to find their missing friend, Sonny. Elliot enlists the help of his fraternal twin Calvin, a pot-smoking barista, his timorous former classmate Gary Noble, and his high school sweetheart Eden Mercer.

While digging up a forgotten time capsule, the friends discover the body of Eden’s husband, and find themselves the chief suspects in his murder. The mystery turns meta when the three bumbling friends discover that everything happening seems eerily similar to a play they performed in high school — a play Sonny wrote. Deception leads to problems, and it soon seems that shady businessmen and school officials are involved in a complex scheme of money and murder.

“Kinky and subversive, dark and outrageous, SEARCHING FOR SONNY is the funniest movie I've seen all year .”

-Mike Saulters, Slackerwood

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