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Interviews with SLACKER 2011 Filmmakers at Slackerwood and The Austin Chronicle

Richard Linklater's SLACKER inspired a generation of American filmmakers by exploring the subculture of Austin, Texas in a loose narrative with a tapestry of quirky characters. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of that iconic movie, 24 of Austin's top filmmakers banded together to update SLACKER with their own perspectives on the city. SLACKER 2011 is a stream-of-consciousness chronicle of a day in Austin, presenting the city-dwellers, dragworms, proto-hipsters and locations that give the city its modern identity. The film showcases a transformed town next to things that never change. SLACKER 2011 is an homage to twenty years of independent filmmaking, presenting the city’s changing face and showcasing some of its most exciting talent.

"SLACKER 2011 came off as a beautiful work of jazz, with each segment representing an instrumental solo. At times dark and tempestuous (Mingus-Parsons) and at others lyrically rhythmic, playful and exaggerated (Monk-Doubek) or rapid bursts of color (Parker-Coleman) the film showcased individual voices while still holding its center as a single work of art."--Matthew Odam, The Austin American-Statesman

"SLACKER 2011 succeeds — if not, exceeds — in its mission to capture Austin 20 years after Linklater’s version; cleverly commenting on how many things have changed, yet so much has stayed the same. We might keep getting older, but Austin continues to stay weird."--Don Simpson, Smells Like Screen Spirit

"A charming, sometime very funny snapshot of contemporary Austin."--Kimberly Jones, The Austin Chronicle

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SXSW Community Screening
Tuesday, March 13 at 9:30 PM
The Paramount Theatre (713 Congress Ave)
FREE and Open to the Public - SXSW Badges & Passes Priority Entry!

If you are interested in scheduling a public screening of SLACKER 2011, contact Austin Culp at or 512-322-0145 x3204


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Glasgow Film Festival, UK, Feb 10
Mar del Plata Film Festival, Argentina, Nov 8 & 9
Loft Film Festival, Tucson, AZ, Nov 11
Lone Star Film Festival, Ft Worth, TX, Nov 12





Paul Hrissikopoulos
Sarah Rose Kistner
Dan Murphy
The Victoria Plastic Surgery Center


Christina Jennings
Alan Luecke
David Nugget McNett


Michael Ackermann Sandra & Dwight Adair
Adriane Alexander & Abe Moskowitz
Jann Baskett & Randy Franklin
Stephany Baskin
Audrey Baxter
Darla Berry
Dana Blanton
Karen & Mike Blizzard
Gary Branfman
Patrick Bresnan
Laura Bucaro
Jim Butler
Rebecca Campbell & Andrew Hinman
Madlyn Caliri
Kerry Cammack
Gloria Castro
Debra Cerda & Edward Kuhn
Chicken Ranch Records
Don Clinchy
Glenn Copeland
Paul Crafft
David DeMumbrum
Will Dibrell
Eric Dieter
Darryl Doss
Michael Enright
Sherry & Philip Fagan
Mirta & Warren Foster
Roger Frantz
Christoph Fröbisch
Barbara Fryer
Julie Gillis & Christopher Lucas
Glen Greer
Graves, Dougherty, Hearon and Moody
John Henry Green
Rebecca Hunter
Nancy & Daniel Hurd
Nelinda Iles
Scott Iles
Carlos Isturiz
David Kivel
Gerrie McCall
Nancy Mims & Rodney Gibbs
Deborah Hammond
Tom Hammond
Dee Hayden
Dan Horowitz Diana & James Hurlbut
Nancy & Bobby Inman

Richard Jones
Shane Kelly
Susan Kirr & Rusty Martin
David Kivel
Sherry Matthews
James Medford
Amy Minnie
Leticia & Shaun Lamont
Mellow Johnny's
Ara Merjanian
Pamela Miller
Sarah Ann Mockbee & Sam Wainwright Douglas
Bejamin Moody
Don Mullins
Michael Osborn
Diane Outland
Chale Nafus
Blake Naleid
Pamela Norris
Laurel Parks
Amy Quick Parrish & Mark Parrish
Sergio Posadas
Joe Pope
Maxim Pozderac
Catherine Robb
Claire Saenz
Jeanette Scott & Don Sembera
Beth Sepko
David Shields
Connie Shortes
The Side Bar
Eric Sinclair
Carla & Robert Steinbomer
Paul Stekler
Mylan Stepanovich
Gwendolyn Taylor
Tejas Air & Heat
Rick Triplett
Jackie & Steve Van Erp
Agnes Varnum & Raoul Hernandez
Vic Wang
J. Craig Wheeler
Jenni Wieland
Barbara Wilson & Elliot Trester
Twitchy Dolphin Flix
Sally & Edward Wiskemann
Sarah Wood
Robert & Lawrence Wright
Erica Wulff
Mary & Howard Yancy
W. Andrew York


Stephany Baskin
Brenda Berstis
Andrew Bujalski
Linda Cartwright
Ashley Chiles
Carrie Contey
Heather Courtney
Mallory Culbert
Paula & Albert Daniels
Karen Dinitz
Ulla Dalsgaard
Marc Durbin
Mary Ann & Andrew Heller
Kyle Henry
Michelle Jakubowski
Sharon James
Marcellina Kampa
Rudy Klecka
Megan Lacy
Helen Lee
Alison Macor & Paul Mitchell
Clayton Maxwell
Amy Minnie
Frederick Moffitt
Black Naleid
Cid Salcido
Loren Schooley
Marianne Schooley
Dona & Max Schenker
Beverly Spicer
Zoe Irene VanSandt
Jason Wehling
Rob Wheeler
Wiley Wiggins
Travis Willmann
Suzanne Weinert
Jon Wroblewski
Andrea Zimbler
Carole Zoom

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