Our project sets out to exemplify three leaders who are directly confronting the devastating impacts of climate change to help their nations survive. The film takes an intimate look at communities across the globe, giving us a unique view of how women in particular are experiencing and responding to the challenges of climate change in Peru, Fiji and Malawi. It explores their unique obstacles connected to their homelands and cultures, how their leadership arose within this movement, and discovers how they plan to survive within a rapidly changing environment.

About the Director

Sarah Kuck is an Austin-based director. She has spent the last six years honing her filmmaking skills by collaborating on a variety of documentary, narrative and commercial projects. Her first documentary, EVEN THE WALLS, co-directed with Saman Maydani, won best short film at the Seattle International Film Festival in 2015. In 2017, she worked as the co-director and director of photography for RETORNADOS, a short film on asylum-seekers escaping violence in Honduras. The film was sponsored by a grant from the International Women’s Media Foundation, and is currently screening across Texas in partnership with the non-profit Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, RAICES.

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