“FIGHTING FAIR” is a documentary film that will provide a context-driven look at transgender athletes and their evolving role in sports and society. So many projects in this space exist in a vacuum and deny the larger context that transgender athletes, and by extension all of society exists in. The result places transgender athletes in a constant state of being prodded, tested, examined and scrutinized, when in fact it is the current state of sports and society that needs examination and broader perspective and understanding, especially when exclusion is considered a viable option in dealing with transgender people, or any aspect of society. By revealing the stories of a handful of transgender athletes and the perspective of dozens of expert consultants a learning opportunity is revealed for viewers. This film seeks to set the transgender athlete record straight for a cisgender audience and at the same time being respectful and thoughtful in revealing aspects of the LGBTQ community.

About the Director

Eban Hathaway
Eban Hathaway lives and works in Austin, Texas but started his audio-visual endeavors in Georgia. After graduating with a bachelors degree in Video Production from the Savannah College of Art and Design Eban worked on the 1996 Olympic Games for NBC in Atlanta, GA. From there he headed north to ESPN and from 1997 to 2004 expanded his experience, knowledge base and relationships while working for the World Wide Leader in Sports. In 2004 Eban founded 13 Productions, LLC and began working for himself with ESPN as a client. As the years passed more clients were added to the 13 Productions roster including New Balance, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Commercial Campaigns for ESPN, Reebok, Crossfit Media and ABC. Eban has been nominated for six National Sports Emmy Awards, and won the Emmy for ‘Outstanding Edited Sports Event Coverage’ for his work on the Ironman Triathlon World Championship that aired on NBC.

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