Directed by: Sarah Kolb

About The Project

Not all of the women of the mythological West slip easily into the princess fantasy of Pocahontas or the unnamed martyr “Pioneer Woman” label so often prescribed them. In Filmmaker Sarah Brennan Kolb’s genre-busting documentary, three women of the “New West” reshape the Western Canon with their stories. Crosscutting cinema verite techniques with archival material from the 1930s and ‘40’s B-movie Westerns as well as academic commentary from famed-author Joyce Gibson Roach, Kolb questions, “Who has the authority to claim the (often) oppressive traditions when only those who have been oppressed are left to carry them on?”

About The Director

Sarah Brennan Kolb – A New York commercial producer by day, Sarah Brennan Kolb returned to her native Texas for a working hiatus as a ranch hand on a cow-calf operation. It was there she began to explore the “modern” West – one in which the “male cowboy mythology” was quickly disappearing and being replaced by a new gritty, honest, and some would say subversive, female story. The jarring transitions between generations as the men disappeared and the women stayed standing in this hyper-masculine and desolate place inspired Kolb to dig deeper into the crushing weight of legacy and tradition. “Rural Texas is as much a character as these three women who are redefining the patriarchal power dynamic, not by choice but by necessity,” said Kolb. “This fiery, bloody, dirty, and yes, violent part of the female story is rooted in the natural world in Texas. Telling this story now, I hope, puts a face to the survivors and lays rest the vanishing patriarchal bogeyman.”

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