Nothin’ No Better is a series of cinematic portraits, each one a glimpse into the life and perspective of a different member of the community of Rosedale, in the Mississippi Delta region.

About the Directors

Ben Powell – Photographer and documentarian Ben Powell’s assignments as a cinematographer have taken him to communities around the world, while his documentary films as a director have focused on landscapes near and dear. His first feature documentary, Barge, won Best Documentary prize at the Dallas International Film Festival and premiered on STARZ in 2016. Powell has received artist grants from the Austin Film Society and the Garrett Scott Documentary Development Grant, and holds a BFA in Film, Animation, and Video from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Bo Powell – Brooklyn-based photographer and editor Bo Powell moonlights as a senior producer for, which has won two Emmys during his tenure.  Powell’s work has been published in Rolling Stone, People, and Architectural Digest.  He has a forthcoming book collaboration with his wife, photographer Julie Holder, from their travels in Cuba, and Nothin’ No Better marks his first film and first adult collaboration with brother Ben.  Powell earned his BFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design.


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