In April of 2012, three families stepped out of their urban homes, locked their doors, and began a journey that would take them into the remote forests of Northern Wisconsin for an entire year. Here they lived in the most primitive of circumstances – no cars, no electricity, no grocery stores, no television – far away from the comforts and conveniences of their modern lives.

SEEKERS chronicles the yearlong immersion of these three families, as they learn to harvest resources directly from the land and live within a collaborative wilderness community.  Each family must learn to find food and water, make their own clothing and tools, and build fire and shelter using only the natural resources at hand.  As the ambient noise and distractions of modern culture are stripped away and the families are deprived of basic comforts such as food, warmth, and privacy, each has to work through their own personal struggles in the midst of the larger struggle to complete their journey. Seekers uses their personal experiences to explore larger issues such as the deep sense of longing that many of us have to be part of a supportive community, the desperate need to make space for our children to spend time in nature, and the disconnect between ourselves and the resources that we rely on to survive.

About the Filmmakers

Michel Orion Scott (Director & Cinematographer)
After earning a degree in film from the University of Texas, where he also studied contemporary dance, Michel worked on a diverse range of projects, from set construction and design on narrative Hollywood films to abstract experimental projects and feature documentaries.  Drawing inspiration from his love of nature and wildlife studies, Michel’s works often explore the evolving role that the natural world plays in our modern lives and visa versa. Michel’s most recent documentary, The Horse Boy, a film about one families miraculous journey across Mongolia on horseback with their autistic son, premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film.  After garnering rave reviews from The New York Times, L.A. Times, Entertainment Weekly, and Variety, The Horse Boy was distributed in theaters and on television around the world. Michel currently lives in Austin Texas where he works as a contract director and producer while developing documentary projects of his own.

Genie Anderson (Producer)
Genie received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from The University of Texas at El Paso.  She received a Master of Education with a focus in Fundraising. In 2012 Genie stepped into the film industry developing a skill for production, working on films such as The Big Spoon and HERE WE ARE. She is currently in pre-production for a feature length film, Bona Fide Beauty. Genie truly enjoys fundraising and utilizes these skills to aid local films, music non-profits, and animal rescues.

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