In 2013, real women shared real stories to help Wendy Davis filibuster in defense of Texas women’s access to reproductive healthcare. As the capitol filled to capacity for the first time in its history and people all over the world tuned in, Davis read testimony from women opposed to the restrictive omnibus abortion bill who had either had abortions themselves, or remembered the illegal abortions of the pre-Roe V. Wade era, and were strongly opposed to the bill which would effectively force those conditions again. Our characters are women whose letters Davis read during the filibuster, and one young activist who chose her fate that day. Since then, we’ve followed these women to understand who they are, why they went public, and why the fight for women’s healthcare rights is more important than ever.

About the Director

GRETCHEN STOELTJE – Director/Producer Gretchen Stoeltje walked into a movie theater, fell in love, and never looked back. Films she wrote, produced, directed and sometimes edited include VENOM IN A JAR, A KISS FROM THE QUEEN (1991), A.R.M. AROUND MOSCOW (1994, co-produced Jeanne C. Finley), and BIONIC BEAUTY SALON (1999). All have played festivals and television in the US, Canada and Europe, and showed at many exhibition venues including the 1995 Whitney Biennial. These films tell the stories of being female, from West Texas rattlesnake queen to post-cold war, mail order bride to turn-of-the-century Every Teen and now Pro-Choice 21st Century Legislator. All strive to recast women in their own images and provide authentic dialogue about what it means to grow up female and become the heroine of one’s own story.

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