Many nonprofit organizations aspire to meaningfully impact the lives of the people they serve. However, few are able to produce evidence of meaningful change. Even fewer have intentionally structured their systems and cultures so that research drives the development of programs. LifeWorks commitment to learning from their programs is not a pursuit of “proof” that their services “work,” but rather to better understand what is working, what is not, and why, so that they can better impact the lives of the people they serve. This is a case study of one nonprofit’s capacity for discomfort and transparency in its journey towards achieving true social impact in Austin, Texas.

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About the Director

Kate Robinson – Kate Robinson is the Executive Producer of Saving Philanthropy. A skilled advocate, presenter and strategist, Kate has worked in the non-profit sector for twenty years specializing in organizational transparency, assessment, and learning. She is the former Director of Strategic Initiatives for Social Solutions Global, Inc. where she led a national advisory board of high-performing non-profit organizations that conducted extensive research on organizational effectiveness and assessment strategies. She is also the former Executive Director of Consumer Health Coalition where she helped coordinate a campaign to increase the effectiveness of Pennsylvania Medicaid programs.

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