Song Confessional is a cinematic adaptation of the locally-made podcast created by Walker Lukens and Zac Catanzaro (and a collaboration with KUTX radio in Austin, Texas). The DocuSeries pairs up famous musicians with storytellers from the general public to create new, groundbreaking, original songs.

Someone has a story or secret and they’ve come to us to confess it for the very first time. Inside a trailer-converted confessional booth, they bravely tell their story to our hosts, Walker and Zac. A popular, locally-known musician listens to the confession and intimate conversation. The songwriter(s) have one day to write and record an original song with their band and recording team inspired by the confession they just heard. We document their creative process from beginning to end, from breakdown to breakthrough. The episode ends when we premiere the song while the confessor listens to it for the first time. Did it bring them catharsis? Regret, relief, a new perspective? Anything is possible! We film in a city which also contains its own story and will be showcased throughout each episode.

About the Filmmaker

Lisa Donato is an award-winning filmmaker based in Austin and her work is dedicated to people and communities relegated to the margins. Her newest feature-length film, Gossamer Folds, is about a 10-yr-old boy with an unhappy home life who strikes up an unexpected friendship with a trans woman who lives next door. The film world-premiered at the highly-acclaimed Bentonville Festival and is currently touring the (virtual) film festival circuit worldwide. She co-wrote the feature film, Signature Move, which world-premiered at SXSW (2017), screened at over 150 festivals worldwide, and can currently be found on Amazon Prime. She directed a telly-winning DocuSeries for AOL about drag culture in the US called Behind The Drag which showcases the real lives of American drag queens. She’s earned a passionate following by telling stories that don’t shy from the unique struggles of women, queer and straight, but focus on the power, resilience, and love they demonstrate in the face of them.

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