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Texas Independent Film Network

The Texas Independent Film Network (TIFN) is a statewide coalition of film societies, universities and independent theaters united for the purpose of screening regionally relevant independent and arthouse film. TIFN has been operated by the Austin Film Society since 2011.

TIFN provides screening initiatives several times per year, visiting small towns, museums, and educational institutions. AFS educators accompany and introduce the program at each screening, transforming each event into an engaging, dynamic dialogue with the audience about the films they’ve seen.

At every site TIFN visits, we partner with the community to help get the word out and attract audiences. Just a few examples include joint efforts with the Hill Country Film Festival, the Lantex Film Society, and the Bastrop County Tourism Board.


Texas is home to a thriving independent film community dedicated to sharing stories from the Lone Star State. TIFN promotes their efforts by taking the best films Texas has to offer and putting them on the road.

The Texas Independent Film Network partners with a wide varitey of venues from all across the state dedicated to providing their hometowns with unique and memorable movie going experiences.


The Texas Independent Film Network gratefully acknowledges the support of our partners and is always on the look out for cities and venues willing to share our vision for Texas film.

Connect to the Texas Independent Film Network to learn more about our founders, our mission, and how you can help spread the word.