Watch This: New Restoration of Don Hertzfeldt’s short REJECTED

If animation moves you, we’re showing an incredible amount of it this month at AFS Cinema. From our retrospective of Czech puppeteer Jiri Trnka, to classics like THE LAST UNICORN, to contemporary anime such as LIZ AND THE BLUE BIRD, MFKZ, PAPRIKA, and MIRAI.

In 2000, when 23 year old Don Hertzfeldt made the short film REJECTED, he never could have dreamed that his hours of labor with a 35mm camera, paper and pens would change the way animated short films were perceived in the new century. Directly and indirectly, the film created a new consciousness of humor and visual storytelling that went way up-market with Adult Swim and helped Hertzfeldt become the important and thoughtful filmmaker he has become since.

Here is REJECTED at last in an HD remaster. Enjoy.

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