Austin Studios

1901 E 51st St
Austin, TX 78723

Available spaces include Stage 1 and Bungalow A.


Austin Studios, operated by the Austin Film Society in partnership with the City of Austin, is a hub for the region’s creative media ecosystem. Located at the former Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, this 20-acre film and creative media production complex is conveniently located in central Austin. Austin Studios’ production facilities currently feature seven sound stages, a large cyclorama, a mill/wardrobe facility, two flex stages, production offices, and parking for base camp and set construction.

In addition to the 175,000 Sq. Ft. of production space, Austin Studios is home to filmmakers, production vendors, and small businesses including Richard Linklater’s Detour Filmproduction and MPS Camera & Lighting Austin.

Austin Studios has facilities for rental, details of which are below.

For additional information and to check availability, contact Studio Manager Chris Engberg:


Stage 3: Sound Stage

Film Area: 12,525 Sq. Ft.
Office Area: 230 Sq. Ft.
Cyclorama Wall: 87’-long, 3-wall*
Variable speed air conditioning – 50 tons
Card Access Entry
Motorized rolling doors

*Please inquire about color and condition of the cyclorama wall.

Stage 7: Flex Stage & Office

Film Area: 13,775 Sq. Ft.
Clearance: 26’ to beams, 32’ to ceiling
Motorized rolling doors

Creative Media Center

The adapted former Armory building will feature 15,000 Sq. Ft. of leasable office space situated around a central lobby and shared meeting, screening, and break room amenities.

Red Building: Executive Suites

17 Office Suites of varying sizes, configurations, and price-ranges
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Home of the AFS main office alongside MPS Austin, Beth Sepko Casting, Vicki Boone Casting

Stage 4

27,921 Sq. Ft. comprised of office, small studio space and fully conditioned flex warehouse

Stage 5: Sound Stage

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Film Area:13,775 Sq. Ft.
Office Area: 9,000 Sq. Ft.+ available
Clearance: 26’ to beams, 32’ to ceiling
Motorized rolling doors

Currently under long term rental agreement

Stage 1: Vendor Space

Space available for rent. Learn more here.

Current home of Miscellaneous Rentals.

Stage 2: Flex Stage & Office

Mill / Stage Area: 17,730 Sq. Ft.
Office Area: 3,925 Sq. Ft.
Card Access Entry

Currently under long term rental agreement

Stage 6

Current home of MPS Austin Grip & Electric Dept.

Bungalow A

Space available for rent. Learn more here.

2,670 square feet of conditioned office area

9 private suites

Private restrooms

Card access entry

Austin Studios Rental Inquiries

NOTE: If you aren't sure about an answer or don't have all the details yet, don't worry! Just tell us what you can and we'll work it out.

If your exact dates are not yet decided, please supply the month(s) and day(s) of the week you would prefer.

Please provide the number of days and an approximate schedule. example: 4:00 PM - 5 PM setup 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM event 10:00 PM to 12:00AM strike/load out

(Example: Production, Event, Concert, Etc)