AFS Works-In-Progress is designed to support Directors/Producers seeking filmmaker-filmmaker feedback on their nearly-finished features. The series grew out of Docs-In-Progress, which began in 2005 as a way to offer the growing and diverse filmmaking community of Austin peer-level critiques of rough or fine cuts of their work. 

Films that have gone through the program have premiered at major film festivals like Sundance and SXSW. We hold regular screenings of submitted projects, which are followed by audience discussions and feedback (both written and verbal). These sessions are moderated by experienced Austin filmmakers, and audience members are expected to maintain confidentiality regarding the film and the feedback process. To submit your work for screening consideration, please read the submission information below. 

Works-In-Progress is primarily a program for feature films, with occasional programs of short films.

The next available spot for a Works-In-Progress screening is November 2024. Please only submit an application if you wish to be considered for a screening in November or later.

Screenings are free for AFS members and are typically held in the evening at Austin Public’s Studio 1, located at 1143 Northwestern Ave. Your AFS membership must be at the MAKE level or higher to submit to or attend Works-In-Progress screenings. On occasion, we do open up screenings to other membership levels so they can experience the filmmaking process. Find out more about Membership >>

“I can’t imagine anything more valuable – or thrilling – for a filmmaker with a rough cut than to sit in the back of a theater and listen to a group of people talk about it. This is precisely what AFS facilitates. The feedback I received from my work-in-progress screening – both positive and negative – was invaluable and will be of great assistance as I push the film toward its final cut. I can only hope that the eventual premiere is as satisfying.”




Submission Rules

The Director/Producer must be a current AFS member at the MAKE level or higher. More about membership >>

Submitted rough or fine cuts should have a run time between 40 and 120 minutes. Filmmakers should send in their applications as early in the editing process as possible as it can take 4–6 weeks for the review and scheduling processes to yield a screening date. Filmmakers may submit their film for consideration a maximum of two times.

On top of basic contact information, we require a short synopsis of the film, a description of the submitted video, a description of project personnel, a project timeline, and information regarding the kind of feedback the filmmaker is looking for at their current stage of the filmmaking process.

In order for us to process each request, we must receive application materials at least a month before the proposed screening date.

Please note that projects will not be considered unless the Director/Producer is an AFS  member at the MAKE level or higher. Join here.

We will not be able to publicly screen all submitted films. Once we receive the submitted materials, the information is forwarded to members of our filmmaker advisory committee. They review the materials and will do one of two things: recommend the film for participation in the program or return the materials to the filmmaker with written comments.

If selected for the program, the filmmaker will be matched up with a moderator who will provide peer-level feedback and facilitate the audience discussion at the screening. AFS staff will work with the filmmaker to schedule the event and technical details.