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Monday 01/18/2021
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12:00 AMEverything In Heaven Is TV : S1 E10 (Mature 18+)00:24:39
12:30 AMEverything in Heaven is TV: We Are You00:25:35
01:00 AMEverything In Heaven Is TV : Ep. 107 (WTF)00:26:31
01:30 AMEverything In Heaven Is TV : S1 E9 (Mature 18+)00:28:28
02:00 AMEverything In Heaven Is TV : S1 E1 (Mature 18+)00:28:32
02:30 AMEverything In Heaven Is TV : S1 E5 (Mature 18+)00:28:32
03:00 AMEverything In Heaven Is TV : S1 E11 (Mature 18+)00:28:40
03:30 AMSacred Cow : Joe Rogan Stand Up (2001)01:24:23
06:00 AMHispanic Today LIVE: HTL_backupAug1800:58:33
07:00 AMHispanic Today LIVE: HTL_seasnovart_05300:58:35
08:00 AMHispanic Today Live : Hispanic Today Live - August 201900:58:52Watch Now
09:00 AMACTV Peter Pan: Peter Pan00:49:09
09:49 AMMeeting of The Mindz: Healing Work01:08:20
11:00 AMGene and Dave Show: SXSW 201900:58:03
12:00 PMEddie Arevalos SPOTLITE: SPOTlite2.1067ee01:20:17
01:20 PMProsecutorial Accountability: Prosecutorial Accountability00:04:22
01:24 PMAustin Public Producer Spotlight: Nick Williams00:04:37
01:30 PMTexas Nafas: Texas Nafas presents Poet Patricia Fiske00:29:44
02:00 PMEddie Arevalo's Spotlite: SP[OTlite2.1051ee00:58:28
03:00 PMEddie Arevalos SPOTLITE SHOW: SPOTlite2.0199ee00:58:31
04:00 PMWitching Ours Podcast: WOPapetsa00100:28:32
04:30 PMWitching Ours: WOPpsych00200:28:32
05:00 PMAustin Music TV-IndiFilms: Coffee Break with Candace Bellamy - Tiffany Thomas00:28:31
05:30 PMAustin Music TV-IndiFilms: Coffee Break with Candace Bellamy - Dr Shola Ezeokoli00:28:31
06:00 PMPublic Domain Theatre Classics: Last Man On Earth (1964)01:27:07
07:30 PMTrailer Park: Remote Live Show00:58:30 Mon Jan 25 07:30 PM CST 2021
08:30 PMWriters' Room ATX: James Wade00:28:29Watch Now
09:00 PMthe Writers' Room atx: Debut 10100:28:32
09:30 PMWriters' Room ATX: LOVE & WAGES FT. Jim Trainer00:28:32Watch Now
10:00 PMKLM Presents Fanservice: Can We Be Disgruntled Heroes Too?00:58:34
11:00 PMEducated Ignorance: Educated Ignorance Episode 100:58:31


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