A SERIES is defined as a show with at least 20% original content that is cablecast weekly on the same day, time on a specific Austin Public channel during a 4-month season with a total running time of 28:30, 58:30 or 1:28:30. All current Producers who have completed Media Policy are eligible to apply for a Series. Series are limited to 1 application per Producer during the priority application period. A Series is a privilege, not a right.


THE PRIORITY APPLICATION PERIOD FOR SUMMER 2019 WAS April 1-14: The Summer 2019 Season starts May 1st. Feel free to apply at any time but you’ll work with to find an available slot.



Slot Allocations as of 4/25/19 @ 2:25pm

  • Casual Bandage LIVE – Mondays @ 7:30pm, ch10, Studio 1
  • The Kaiju Labs Reactor LIVE – Tuesdays @ 7:30pm, ch10, Studio 1
  • Kaiju Labs Variety Show LIVE – Tuesday, 8:30pm, ch10, Studio 2
  • DaveTV LIVE – Sundays @ 5pm, ch10, Studio 1
  • Da Big Daddy G Show LIVE – Tuesday @ 10pm, ch16, Studio 1
  • St. James Worship Service – Sunday @ 7pm, ch11
  • Magic Video LIVE – Sunday @ 2pm, ch10, Studio 1
  • Life word – Saturday @ 7pm, ch16
  • Jesus LIVE – Sunday @ 11:30am, ch16, Studio 1
  • The Trailer Park Show LIVE – Mondays @ 5pm, ch10, Studio 1
  • Bible Study at St James – Thursday @ 5pm, ch11
  • Hillcrest Baptist Church – Sunday @ noon, ch11
  • Texas Animal Rescue Show – Thursday @ 7pm, ch16
  • Berea Goshen Church – Wednesday, 8pm, ch11
  • Grace and truth ministries english – Sunday @ 8pm, ch16
  • Grace and truth ministries spanish – Sunday @ 7pm, ch10
  • Friendly Will BC ATX – Tuesday @ 6:30pm, ch11
  • Right Talk With Mike Lee – Monday @ 6:30pm, ch 10, Studio 2
  • Up Late Austin – Monday @ 10pm, ch16, Studio 1
  • CalvaryUplink – Saturday @ 5pm, ch11
  • GCBC WORSHIP HOUR – Monday @ 8pm, ch11
  • Fiesta Musical Television – Sunday @ 11am, ch16, Studio 2
  • Austin Music Television – Wednesday @ 8pm, ch16
  • Reasonably Spontaneous Conversation – Wednesday @ 7pm, ch10
  • HISPANIC TODAY LIVE – Tuesdays @6:30pm, Studio 2, ch10
  • Democracy Now – Monday-Friday @6pm, ch16
  • Greater Love Baptist Church – Saturday, 9:30am, ch11
  • New Day Ministry – Sunday @ 9am, ch11
  • JESUCRISTO ES LA SOLUCION – Sunday @ 8pm, ch11
  • Almas del Purgatotrio LIVE- Sunday @ 1:30pm, ch16, Studio 3
  • Spotlite – Saturdays @ 6pm, ch16
  • Jesus Quiere Sanarte – Thursday @ 7:30pm, ch11


Current Season: Winter 2019: Ends April 30th (apply anytime)

Upcoming Season: Summer 2019 Season: May 1 - August 31.

Priority Application Period: April 1 @ 12:00 AM -  April 14 @ 11:59 PM.

Go to to see your series status

A Series is defined as a show (with at least 20% original content) that is cablecast weekly on the same day, time and channel during a 4-month season with a total running time of 28:30, 58:30 or 1:28:30. All current Producers, who have completed Media Policy, are eligible to apply for a Series. Series are limited to 1 application per Producer during the priority application period. A Series is a privilege, not a right.



The allocation of Series time slots are based on a first come first served application process with consideration for studio space requirements, studio availability, channel availability and TRT (Total Running Time) priority. Any scheduling conflicts will be made known to the Producers shortly after the priority application period and resolved based on the discretion of the Station Manager and the Programming and Production Associate. Once you are approved for a time slot, you'll be required to submit your first week's file and make your payment. The payment link will be emailed out with your series approval notification. 


Live Series will only be available during specified time slots on SundayMonday & Tuesday. These slots will be listed in the Live Time options seen below on this application. A live series show must justify the space requirement for Studio 1. Series allocations will be made with respect to those space requirements. 



Space and airtime preemptions can occur based on the discretion of the Station Manager with the following policies: no more than 2-times in a row in a 4-month Season and no more than 4 times in a 4-month Season. Austin Public staff will do its best to focus our programming and rentals during the open studio availability on Wednesday through Saturday and Producers will be given at least a 7-day notice of a pre-emption. 



Please upload your file at one of Austin Public's upload stations by Thursday, April 26th. As stated above, the digital file submission is no longer a step in the application process. The application process only consists of this form. 
If you’re applying for a pre-recorded series then please select your top three choices below. All 3 choice fields are required.       





Anyone operating the studio equipment needs to be crew certified. At least two crew members are required in Studio 1. Please list all of your crew members below (required):

If you are requesting Studio 1 then please describe the space requirements for your show below (required for Studio 1):

Please explain the size of your production and how you will utilize the space in studio 1.

All live show slots listed below can accommodate 28:30 and 58:30 shows. The slots that can  accommodate a 1:28:30 show are labeled. 


Please select your top three choices for your live show day and time. All 3 choice fields are required. 




The Priority Application Period is April 1 @ 12:00 AM -  April 14 @ 11:59 PM. Any Applications created outside that timeframe will not be considered for first priority. This application form is the only requirement for the Priority Application Period. 

Once approved, please submit your digital file (first week's file or back up file) by April 26th. The payment link will be sent out in a series approval email after the application period ends on April 14th. The payment amounts will be:

  • $15 - 28:30 Pre-recorded Series
  • $20 - 28:30 Live Series
  • $25 - 58:30 Pre-Recorded Series
  • $30 - 58:30 Live Series
  • $35 - 1:28:30 Pre-Recorded Series
  • $40 - 1:28:30 Live Series

Go to to see your series status. Applications will be added every 24-48 hours to the list. Series will be assigned slots during the week of April 15th. By submitting this form you agree to all terms listed on this application as well as Austin Public's policies and Procedures. 

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