A SERIES is defined as a show with at least 20% original content that is cablecast weekly on the same day, time on a specific Austin Public channel during a 4-month season with a total running time of 28:30, 58:30 or 1:28:30. All current Producers who have completed Media Policy are eligible to apply for a Series. Live Series Producers must be certified in the studio of their choice at the time of the application to be considered for a slot.

Series are limited to 1 application per Producer during the priority application period. A Series is a privilege, not a right.



The Summer 2020 Season is May 1st – August 31st.

Slots are first come, first served but studio times are based on space requirements as well. 







  • CalvaryUplink – Saturday, 5pm, ch11
  • Up Late Austin – Monday, 10pm, Studio 1, ch16
  • HISPANIC TODAY LIVE – Tuesday, 6:30pm, Studio 2, ch10
  • St. James Worship Service – Sunday, 7pm, ch11
  • Bible Study at St James – Thursday, 5pm, ch11
  • Love Carousel – Monday, 6:30pm, studio 2, ch10
  • Right Talk With Mike lee – Monday, 8:30pm, Studio 2, ch10
  • Trailer Park Show – Monday, 7:30pm, Studio 1, ch10
  • Fiesta Musical Television – Sunday, 11am Studio 2, ch10
  • Austin US – Sunday, 1pm, Studio 2, ch16
  • Milagros del Espíritu Santo – Sunday, 11:30am, Studio 1, ch16
  • Divina Misericordia – Sunday, 2pm, Studio 1, ch16
  • Friendly Will BC ATX – Tuesday, 6:30pm, ch11
  • Da Big Daddy G Show – Tuesday, 10pm,  Studio 1, ch16
  • SMTV – Saturday, 7pm, ch10
  • The Red Web – Tuesday, 7:30pm, Studio 1, ch 16
  • Democracy Now – Mon-Fri – 6pm, ch16

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