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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, AFS made sweeping changes to programs and operations in order to serve our community, survive for the time being and thrive in the long run. Our immediate goals are to reopen the AFS Cinema, to keep Austin Public as a key resource for the community to have access to the tools of production, to support the most promising Texas artists through filmmaker support, and to keep Austin Studios open for business, once the City of Austin deems it safe.

You can give a general gift to AFS and our programs, or designate your gift for the AFS Grant Fund. Read more here.

Support AFS Programs

Your donation will help sustain all AFS programs, including our efforts to reopen the AFS Cinema. Your support is more critical now than ever for the Austin Film Society and our community.

Support the AFS Grant Fund

You can donate directly to the program that funds the most promising Texas artists with cash grants to make their films. Past grantees include Annie Silverstein (BULL), Kat Candler (HELLION), Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan (PAHOKEE), and Keith Maitland (TOWER). 80% of your donation will go to the direct cost of the program and 20% to program administration. 

Inner Circle Membership

The Inner Circle is AFS’s exclusive giving circle for philanthropically minded film lovers. View more details.


AFS has taken swift action to protect our programs and institution as best we can in light of widespread social and economic uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. With a reduced workforce, we are focused upon delivering those programs that are most important to the community over the long run.


AFS will reopen the Cinema once health and safety conditions are met and funds are sufficient to rehire staff. During cinema closure, via our Head of Film, Holly Herrick, and Lead Programmer, Lars Nilsen, AFS will focus on virtual and ad-hoc exhibition events and audience engagement.

Filmmaker Support

AFS aims to continue to create opportunities for filmmakers and the local film industry through this period of crisis.  

We are providing key services to support the most promising artists making work in this most critical and historic time, including cash grants to filmmakers via the AFS Grant. Our professional staff are working with these filmmakers one-on-one for mentorship and referral. 

We continue to operate Austin Public so that the community can use its equipment and studio resources once the City of Austin allows us to reopen. Austin Studios is also serving tenants to the extent allowable by the Shelter-in-Place orders.

Thank you for your support! Questions? Contact us at or 512.322.0145.

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