“PRODUCERS” are the members of our AFS Producer Program. These are individuals ages 15 and up; living within our service area of Travis, Williamson, Caldwell, Hays and Bastrop Counties; who utilize Austin Public’s content distribution platforms that include the City of Austin’s Public Access cable channels, various streaming and video on demand services and phone applications.

Through training classes and subscription fees, a Producer may access the production resources provided at our Austin Public location, which include cameras, audio gear, lighting gear, grip gear, studios, edit space, etc.

Airing content is free, but there is a yearly or monthly subscription payment to access the production resources:

  • Yearly subscription: $120/year
  • Month-to month subscription: $12/month

DON’T NEED THE RESOURCES? If you’re only interested in utilizing our content distribution, then you’ll complete all of the steps below except for Step 5 since there is no subscription fee required to air content. Airing content is free of charge. Series fees still apply for dedicated weekly cable channel slots.  This means that you won’t need access to any production resources.

NEED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR TRAINING AND RESOURCES? We offer partial and full scholarships to help with payments for the certification training and subscriptions that give Producers access to our production resources. Click HERE for more information.

RESOURCE CERTIFICATION CLASSES: We provide classes on a monthly and bi-monthly basis for Producers to train on the resources available within the Producer Program. Producers only need to take the class one time to gain access to program resources. Once a Producer is certified on a particular resource and paying a monthly or yearly subscription (or on scholarship) then they’ll have access to reserve that gear via their Producer Portal account to create their own content.

PROGRAM SERVICE AREA: To join the program you must live within the metropolitan area of Austin. See map below:







  • PRODUCER PORTAL: Once the INTAKE FORM and MEDIA POLICY class are complete, then you’ll receive your login to your Producer Portal. You’ll then be able to upload and schedule content, sign up for Resource Certification classes, see your class attendance and connect with other Producers and crew members via our Crew Connect portal feature.
  • RESOURCE CERTIFICATION CLASSES: You may take classes at this point once you become an active Producer (completing steps 1-4). We’ll track your certifications as you go so when you pay a subscription to access the resources you’ll be ready to start making reservations.

STEP 4. (Optional) When you become an active Producer we’ll email you payment links to choose your preferred SUBSCRIPTION (yearly or monthly payment options). These subscriptions are to gain access the production resources within the Producer Program. If you’re opting to only submit content and do not need access to the resources or you qualify for a financial scholarship to access the resources then this payment is not a requirement.





To see a full list of resources go HERE


To see a full list of resources go HERE


To see a full list of resources go HERE


To see a full list of resources go HERE


To see a full list of resources go HERE


To see a full list of resources go HERE

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Monday through Thursday: 12 PM – 10 PM
  • Friday and Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM
  • Closed Saturdays


For sure! When we are open for the Producer Program, we are open to the public. Our tech support staff are located in the Equipment Room within the main hall of the facility.


  • Monday through Thursday: 12 PM – 10 PM
  • Friday and Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM
  • Closed Saturdays

Here is more info on Austin Public:

We’re located at 1143 Northwestern Ave., Austin, TX 78702.

Yes, if you have established a placed of residency within the five-county metropolitan area of Austin (Travis, Williamson, Caldwell, Hays, and Bastrop Counties). To join the program, you’ll need to provide a scan of a current government issued ID (preferably a driver’s license) and proof of your Austin-area residence. These forms can be submitted in STEP 3 above.

Unfortunately, no. This program (as well as the Austin Public facility) is funded in part by the City of Austin’s general fund and cable subscribers living within the Austin city limits. Distribution and access to the resources are limited to those that are living within the five-county metropolitan area of Austin. However, anyone can travel to Austin Public to take a class or take one of our online classes.

You would first need to complete the following steps:

  1. Watch the orientation video above on this page
  2. Complete the Intake Form and supply the two required documents
  3. Completing a Media Policy class, which includes passing the 10-question test and submitting a signed warranties agreement

After these steps are complete we will then send you the links to make the subscription payment. It’s your choice to join at a $120/year or $12/month subscription rate. If you are only submitting content, then there is no fee associated with joining the program.

Yes, a part of the Producer Program is sharing your content out to the community through the distribution outlets that the Austin Film Society manages for the City of Austin. These outlets include 3 public access cable channels through the 3 cable companies in Austin, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, iPhone and Android Apps, which include the streams of the 3 channels and video-on-demand content.

Producers (members within the program) own all content created with Austin Public resources but provide permission for AFS to distribute at least a portion of the content they create out to the community through the distribution outlets listed above.

Austin Public and the Public Access TV channels are non-commercial and we do not support the production of content for commercial objectives.

Here is a passage from the Representations and Warranties Agreement that Producers (members of the Producer Program) will sign when joining the Program:

“I agree not to produce and/or cablecast any programming for air from which revenue is derived, by any party, and programming for which the purpose is to conduct trade or commerce. This stipulation does not include programming supported by underwriting grants, sponsorships or contributions of any kind and does not apply after the programming has aired on the channels.”

AFS is content neutral, so the best answer is… whatever you want to create as long as your content does not contain any of the following:

  • Any material that is defamatory, unlawfully disparaging or that constitutes invasion or violation of any person’s right to privacy.
  • Any material, which is in violation of Subchapter B: Obscenity, of Chapter 43 of the Texas Penal Code.
  • Any material, which violates any local, state, or federal laws, rules, or regulations.
  • Any advertising or material that promotes any commercial product or service.
  • Any solicitation or appeal for funds.
  • Any unlawful use of copyrighted material or any other proprietary property.
  • Any material that has a reasonable probability of creating an immediate danger or damage to property, creating an injury to person(s), or creating public nuisance.

You will have to take our Media Policy class on the above topics. You must sign a contract to agree to this before you can submit content to air, go live, apply for a series, and/or reserve the resources.

The class is 3-hours and is either taught onsite at Austin Public. You only need to take the class once to join the program. The class is required for anyone wanting to join the Producer Program, and it covers topics surrounding the content that can be submitted to air on Public Access TV like copyright law, defamation, privacy laws, obscenities, solicitation, commercialism laws, etc.

Go to this link and sign up for an upcoming class:

Once you complete the start up process (steps 1-4) then you’ll have access to submit content to the city’s Public Access channels as well as our Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire apps, online streaming services and video on demand. If you’re only going to submit content then you will not need to pay for a subscription fee

If you plan to pay a subscription to gain access to the production resources at Austin Public (step 5) then, with that subscription, you will immediately gain access to:

  • Our edit lab
  • Take-home editing computers
  • Conference room

Accessing all other gear and studios require Resource Certification classes be taken first and then you’ll gain access to those resources.

The term “Resource Certification” is only used for the purposes of the Producer Program. You do not receive a certificate but rather you gain access to the resources you’ve trained on within the Producer Program.

Resource certification classes provide access to certain resources for active Producers paying a subscription to participate in the program. They are treated in an “a la carte” manner, so if you want access to a camera, then take an introductory or intermediate camera class, or if you need lighting equipment, then take the Intro to Lighting and Grip class.

Classes are typically taught once a month (start times may vary) and range from 1–10 hours in length and range from $35–$65. Producers only need to take classes once to gain access to the resources, and we offer scholarships for those that qualify financially.

To see a list of upcoming classes, click here (look for the certification class tag on the class listing):

Your Certifications last 2-years if they go unused. If you stay in the program then they will never expire but certain gear may be retired over time.

Once you complete all the steps listed above (and make a subscription payment if you’re accessing the resources), then you’ll use your login to the Producer Portal. The portal is where you’ll make reservations for resources, submit content and fill out show forms, access your list of certifications and class attendance, see the studio schedules, and search for crew and talent, if desired.

Here are some training videos on how to use the Portal:

  • Production equipment may leave the building for 5 days at a time.
  • Post-production equipment (computers, DaVinci Micro Panels, etc.) may leave the building for up to 10-days at time.
  • Studio and conference room reservations can be up to 4-hours at a time
  • Edit Lab reservations can be for a full day of Austin Public operations (8-10-hours depending on the day).
  • We require 48 hours in between reservations for the same equipment.

The equipment may travel outside the metro area of Austin but not leave the state of Texas. If you plan to leave the metro area of Austin (especially if you’re staying overnight somewhere) then please provide with a secondary contact name and phone number and the address of where you’ll be staying.

  • For our higher end cameras, which are the Sony FX9 and RED Komodo, we only allow one per reservation.
  • For any other Sony cameras (Z280, A7sii, FX3, FS5) we allow up to 2 per reservation or as a second camera to the Sony FX9.
  • For the BlackMagic Pocket Camera 6K Pro cameras we allow up to 3 per reservation. 
  • No mixing of Sony and Blackmagic cameras will be allowed.

Producer will make their own reservations through their Producer Portal login using credentials that are provided when you complete the start up process and sign up for the Program. Our operations staff expect Producers to arrive on the day and time listed on their reservation for both pick up and return. Not doing so may lead to a program violation and potential suspension from the program. We want to avoid being late for a gear return and affecting another Producer’s reservation.

Only one person needs to go through the program, pay the subscription fee, and take the studio(s) classes. Everyone else that works on a shoot as a crew member only needs to go through a free 45-minute safety training of the studios. This crew class is taught once a month and can be found here: Live audiences are welcomed at Austin Public, and anyone else attending a production that isn’t crewing will just need to sign in at the front entrance.

We’ll cover this in the Media Policy class, but the steps are as follows:

  1. Log in to your Producer Portal account.
  2. Make sure you’ve created a Project on the Portal and click “Add New Show” next to your preferred project.
  3. Fill in the Show Form info and follow the instructions at the bottom on how to upload your file.

Here are some training videos on how to use the Portal:

The Producer Program is operated out of Austin Public, the City of Austin’s Public Access TV station, and is managed by the Austin Film Society through a contract with the City of Austin. The cost of the Producer Program is associated with access to production gear and studio and meeting spaces for creating content to then distribute on the Public Access channels and your own distribution platforms.

The AFS membership has various levels and provides discounts and benefits at all three locations of the Austin Film Society (AFS Cinema, Austin Studios, and Austin Public). AFS Members (at all levels) receive discounts on the classes being taught at Austin Public. For more info on the AFS membership please go here:

AFS Creative Careers is a workforce development program with three pathways, two of which are stipend paid. This AFS program is also operated out of Austin Public and utilizes the same resources as the Producer Program, however, Creative Careers has an application process and a set number of available spots each cycle. The Producer Program is open to anyone ages 15 and up that lives within the metro area of Austin and provides training and resources for creative media makers to come in and create their own content. So, the Producer Program is about content creation and distribution and Creative Careers is about career development.

Our Community Media Coordinator can be reached at or (512) 322-0145 Ext. 3235

Our Equipment Room for questions about reservations, tech support, and/or programming questions can be reached at (512) 322-0145 Ext. 3241

If you need to reach our General Manager, then please email