LED Lights

Dracast LED 1000

Bi-Color LED Light with V-Mount Battery Plate. Variable color temperature from 3200-5600K. Dimmable.

Operation Manual

Dracast Flexible LED 500

Color Temperature: 5600K. Dimmable and bendable to a shape to meet your requirements. Measures 13.78 x 13.78″


Operation Manual

Genaray Full Moon 18" Bi-Color LED

Well-suited to portraiture, interviews, beauty shots, and more, the Full Moon 18″ Bi-Color LED Light packs a 1280 LEDs into a fixture with variable color from 3200 to 5600K that earn a high TLCI/CRI rating of 97. Flicker-Free light intensity is variable too, from 100 to 10% and while you can make color and dimming adjustments locally on the fixture.

Kino-FLo Freestyle 31 LED Light

The FreeStyle 31 LED DMX System from Kino Flo allows image-makers to take full advantage of this versatile fixture that offers complete color adjustment and extensive control features. The kit includes the FreeStyle 31 panel with LED Controller and a 90-Degree Louver (grid) to narrow the fixture’s beam for selective lighting. A KinoGrip mount with a 5/8″ receiver and a 25′ head cable are also included.

Aputure LS 300X

The Aputure Light Storm LS 300X features an expanded vari-white CCT range of 2700 to 6500K to give you warmer tungsten hues and much cooler white shades. And for unparalleled flexibility, the LS 300X fuses new optical color-blending technology and Aputure’s dual-color LED chipset. Comes with wired controller box and v-mount battery plate. Uses Bowen Mount.

Operation Manual

Aputure LS 600X Pro

The Aputure LS 600x Pro Lamp Head is a powerful LED fixture with color and power options, as well as high output augmented by its included 55° Hyper Reflector or an optional Fresnel attachment. The precision fixture has an expansive variable color temperature range from 2700 to 6500K. Uses Bowen Mount.

Operation Manuals 

amaran COB 60x (Single)

The amaran COB 60x Video Light is an ultra-compact fixture that measures just 4.6 x 4.4 x 4.4″ and offers an expansive color temperature of 2700 to 6500K with an impressive CRI rating of 96. The light is dimmable from 0 to 100% without flicker or color shift.

Amaran 100X & 60X 3-light Kit

Includes: One Amaran 100x dimmable bi-color light, two Amaran 60X dimmable bi-color light, one Angler 36″ quick-open parabolic soft box and grid, two Angler 26″ quick-open parabolic soft boxes and 3 light stands.


Dracast LED Bi-Color 2000 Fresnel

The Fresnel 2000 Bi-Color LED Light from Dracast has a wide 15-60-degree range of beam adjustment. Instead of using filters, the Fresnel 2000 can vary the color balance from 3200-5600K or anywhere in between with the turn of a knob.

Lite-Panels Astra 6X Kit (2x)

The Astra 6X LED Light has variable tungsten to daylight color temperature with negligible color shift, 0-100% dimming. This kit comes with a soft case with two LED lights. Cable powered only. Ask Equipment staff for stands.

Lite-Panels Astra 6X Kit (3x)

The Astra 6X LED Light has variable tungsten to daylight color temperature with negligible color shift, 0-100% dimming. This kit comes with a soft case with three LED lights, stands and optional V-Mount battery adapters on each light.


The DRACAST X-SER LED800 measures 39″ and is equipped with 96 color-changing, full-spectrum SMD LEDs, as well as 384 variable CCT white SMD LEDs.

Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit

The Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit with Charging Case includes four Aputure MC light fixtures, a charging case, and accessories.

Bowens Mount Attachments (Aputures and Amarans)

Aputure 35.5" Light Dome Attachment

This Light Dome SE from Aputure is a 16-sided modifier with a 35.5″ diameter. It has a soft wraparound quality that is a hallmark of this shape, especially when used close to the subject.

Operation Manual

Aputure Fresnel 2X Attachment

Made exclusively for Aputure LS C120d, LS C120d II, LS C300d, the Fresnel 2X Attachment offers a beam spread that’s variable from 12 to 40 degrees


Operation Manual

Angler Quick-Open Deep Parabolic Softboxes

We have 26″, 36″ and 60″ options. Ideal for portrait, product, fashion photography, and more, the redesigned Angler Quick-Open Deep Parabolic V2 Softbox features integrated locking rods that quickly lift and snap into place so you’re ready to shoot in a fraction of the time it takes to set up a conventional softbox.

LED 1X1 Light Add-Ons

Angler Grid

Designed to attach simply and quickly via touch-fasteners to the Angler Collapsible Softbox for 1×1′ LED Lights

Angler Collapsible Softbox

Angler Collapsible Softbox for 1×1′ LED Lights

Angler Cylinder Omni Softbox

Angler Cylinder Omni Softbox is built to attach to a1 x 1 LED Lights. It’s known as a space light adapter by dispersing a 360-degree beam spread of illumination over a wide area of space when suspended by a boom or hung overhead.

Soft Boxes & Florescent Lighting

Lowel Rifa eX55 Softbox

Opens like an umbrella.
Front diffuser is 21 × 21″. LED Bulbs for 3 or 5 socket adapter

Operation Manual

Lowel Rifa eX88 Softbox

Opens like an umbrella.
Front diffuser is 32 × 32″. LED Bulbs for 3 or 5 socket adapter

Operation Manual

Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400 series

fluorescent | 5600K Daylight

Kino Flo Manual


Lowel Omni 3-Light Kit

Includes 3 Omni lights and stands, 6 scrims, and 3 frames.

Operation Manual

ARRI 4-Light Kit

Donated to AFS. It Contains:
1 x ARRILITE 750 Plus Focusing Flood
2x ARRI 650 Plus Fresnel Lights
1x ARRI 300 Plus Fresnel Light
4x Light Stands
6x Scrims
4x Barn Doors

Small and On-Camera Lights

Luxli Cello 10" LED


Variable 3000-10,000K Color Temperature and effects

100-0% Brightness Dimming

Detachable diffuser


Operation Manual

On Camera Frezzi

Frezzi Dimmable Mini-Fill On-Camera Light

Lightweight and compact. Two options: 3200k 50Watt equivalent LED or 100 watt incandescent

On-Camera LED

Litepanels Micro LED On-Camera Light

A 5600K daylight-balanced LED light panel. Compact, measuring less than 4″ at its longest dimension.


Impact 5-in-1

42″ Collapsible Reflector with Handles

This disc provides white, silver, gold, and black surfaces, as well as a one-stop translucent diffusion panel.

Raya 5-in-1

42″ Collapsible Reflector Disc

This disc provides white, silver, gold, and black surfaces, as well as a one-stop translucent diffusion panel.

Flexfill Soft

Flexfill Collapsible Reflector

Flags, Scrims and backdrops

Flag Kit

Various Matthews Scrim and Flag Kits, both full sized and portable.


Savage Freestanding 5-In-1 Port-A-Scrim

55 x 79″ frame with five reflector finishes – gold, silver, translucent, white, and black

Quick setup frame that can be used vertically or horizontally

Matthews 4x4' Floppy Cutter

4×4′ cutter that unfolds to be 4×8′

Matthews Quik Corners Frame 8'X8'

The Matthews Quik Corners Frame with Ears is an innovative approach to the design, manufacture, and assembly of overhead and butterfly frames. Fast and easy to set-up, this 8 x 8′ (2.4 x 2.4 m) Quik Corners Frame features a positive-locking corner system and sliding pin with T-handles. After being firmly secured to the stand the quick, positive locking/unlocking mechanism captures and securely retains the frame’s integrity even when the sliding pin has been placed in an off-center position. This frame includes two mounting ears. A sliding 5/8″ pin is available separately.

Matthews Heavy Duty Frame - 6 x 6'

Matthews Butterfly/Overhead Snap-A-Part Heavy Duty Frame – 6 x 6. A heavy duty version of the Snap-Apart-Frame. Suitable for outdoor use.

Matthews Butterfly/Overhead Fabrics

For both 6×6′ and 8×8′ frames


Matthews Solid Green Screen (8 x 8')

The Matthews Solid Digital 8 x 8′ Green Screen is a must for anyone who shoots digital/video photography. This handy background for digital and video shooting can be rapidly mounted or removed using the ergonomic nylon ties that are located in each corner. This green screen goes with the Matthews 8’X8′ frame listed to the left.

Lastolite Panoramic Green Background

The  Lastolite Panoramic Green Background is 13″ Wide X 7.5′ High, and is self standing. Poles included and are connected for easy setup.