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Watch This: Behind The Scenes with John Woo on his First American Movie

Back in 1992, Hong Kong director John Woo (born on September 22, 1946) was still a bit of a cult figure among adventurous American cinephiles. It wasn’t until he made his first Hollywood films HARD TARGET (1993), BROKEN ARROW (1995) and FACE OFF (1997) that he became well known to mass audiences as an action […]

Toronto International Film Fest 2020 Highlights, Part 1: Lars Nilsen

AFS Lead Programmer Lars Nilsen shares his highlights from this year’s virtual Toronto International Film Festival. Stay tuned for Head of Film & Creative Media Holly Herrick’s picks coming soon. The experience of film festivals for a professional programmer or buyer is usually a pretty intensive one – building a plan of must-see titles, a […]

WATCH THIS: Breaking Down the Brilliance of Bong Joon Ho

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of our favorite modern filmmakers, Bong Joon-Ho (born Sept. 14, 1969). While Bong only recently became a household name thanks to last year’s unprecedented Oscar win, his cinematic mastery goes back decades (which is no secret to those who have kept up with AFS’s programming over the years). […]

Watch This: Richard Linklater’s Jewels in the Wasteland Home Edition

(UPDATED SEPTEMBER 9, 2020) With many of us home-bound and stuck indoors indefinitely, we wanted to share some film recommendations to help you pass the time. Where better to start than one of AFS’s most popular series, Jewels in the Wasteland, curated and hosted by AFS Founder and Artistic Director Richard Linklater to spotlight some […]

Meet the 2020 AFS Grant Recipients

The AFS Grant is at the heart of AFS filmmaker support programs. Since 1996, the Grant has nurtured the leading edge of Texas’ creative community by providing cash grants to emerging artists, with a focus on filmmakers who are underrepresented in the industry. This year the grant for feature filmmakers was expanded to provide much-needed […]

Watch this: Robert Rodriguez Revisits The Mexico Trilogy at AFS Cinema

Robert Rodriguez’s career arc is the kind of thing you can’t make up. As a young, broke indie filmmaker, he took a skeleton crew to a rural town in Mexico with seven grand in his pocket (half of which he’d earned as a guinea pig in pharmaceutical trials) to make what he considered a practice […]

Streamers: Austin Pride Month Picks from OUTsider Fest’s Artistic Director Curran Nault

In honor of Austin Pride Month, we asked Curran Nault, author of Queercore: Queer Punk Media Subculture and the artistic director of Austin’s OUTsider Fest, to tell us about his journey with Queer cinema and make some home viewing recommendations. Read on for some exciting and unexpected streaming suggestions. Compiling this list of LGBTQIA (“queer”) film […]

Exclusive: Watch A Restored Cult Animated Short from Marcell Jankovics

There is nothing quite like the mind-bending animations of Marcell Jankovics, a master artist who has been overlooked outside of his native Hungary for far too long. Jankovics’ films bustle with a fluid, expressionistic energy that, combined with vibrating colors and continuously shape-shifting characters, produces nothing less than a lysergic effect. For the highest dose […]

Watch This: The Cutting Edge of Special Effects… In 1984

We find ourselves going down odd little rabbit-holes of movie history sometimes, and it can be pretty rewarding. Like in the case of this well-made, though appealingly cheesy, hour-long doc about movie effects – both visual and sound – from 1984. This period was an important time in the development of these effects, with many […]

Watch This: Linklater & Assayas Together on Stage at the AFS Cinema

We’ve been very fortunate here at AFS to have some remarkable guests join us at the Cinema. In 2018, we were joined by one of our favorite filmmakers Olivier Assayas. The occasion was the restoration and rerelease of Assayas’ 1994 film COLD WATER. AFS Artistic Director Richard Linklater did the honors of hosting the event […]

Watch This: From TAMI – Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder on Local Austin News

As we’ve mentioned before, the Texas Archive Of The Moving Image site is one of the best portals on the whole internet to disappear into for an hour or two of fascinating video. One of the best corners of the archive, for us, is the Carolyn Jackson collection. As the host of a talk show […]

Watch This: ‘Rejected’ Animator Don Hertzfeldt Takes Us Into his Creative Process

Today, Don Hertzfeldt is one of the best-known and most highly acclaimed makers of animated films in the world. He has won hundreds of international prizes and been nominated for multiple Academy Awards. Back in the year 2000 however, he was a relatively unknown commodity, toiling away at an old-school 35mm animation rig in his […]

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