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Bill Gunn’s ‘Holy Grail of Film’ PERSONAL PROBLEMS Presented in 2 Parts

A lost treasure of Bill Gunn’s work, PERSONAL PROBLEMS is a TV movie that never aired. Shot on the defunct ¾ inch U-Matic videotape, Kino unearthed and restored this film in all its hazy digital glory. Despite the drawbacks and imperfections of the format, the sentiment of the film is emotionally stunning. Each aspect of […]

Interview with HITLER’S HOLLYWOOD Director

In the new documentary HITLER’S HOLLYWOOD the idea of media manipulation is brought to a head as we explore Joseph Goebbels’ career as the head of producing and distributing Nazi propaganda films during World War II. The documentary, coming to the AFS Cinema on July 15th, offers an objective view on the films’ strategic focus […]

The year’s best mystery thriller is also a documentary: THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS

THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS opens this Friday, July 13, at AFS Cinema. This month: AFS members receive a $2 discount on New Releases. Identical triplets separated at birth are miraculously reunited one-by-one as adults. That initial premise alone could compose a fascinating documentary – but what THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS unearths about these triplets’ past is so […]

Happy Birthday, SLACKER! Read the 10th Anniversary Program from July 2001

Richard Linklater’s SLACKER, released nationally on July 5, 1991, has left a lasting impression on the independent filmmaking world and Austin’s own film scene. Back in July 2001, AFS celebrated our Founder and Artistic Director’s groundbreaking film with a ten year reunion at the Paramount Theatre. Cast, crew, and just about everyone who lived in […]

“I Don’t Throw Bombs, I Make Films.” – Fassbinder’s Bitter Tears

There are some pretty prolific filmmakers out there in the world, but none have been as relentlessly productive as the perversely driven Rainer Werner Fassbinder, whose work is being celebrated this summer at the AFS Cinema. The retrospective series “The Bitter Tears Of Rainer Werner Fassbinder” runs through July and the newly rediscovered and restored […]

10 Must-See Westerns That Influenced DAMSEL

The Zellner Brothers’ newest film, DAMSEL, opens today at AFS Cinema. This re-invention of the western genre shows off some of their trademarks—it’s unpredictable, contains a unique brand of humanism, and features their off-kilter sense of humor. We asked David and Nathan Zellner to share their shortlist of westerns that influenced their take on the […]

Watch this: Can a Human and a Robot Share an Inside Joke? IBM’s Top Minds Join Us for Science on Screen

One of the more thought-provoking and intelligent science fiction films of recent times, MARJORIE PRIME, screens this Sunday, July 1. Veteran actress Lois Smith stars as Marjorie, an elderly woman with a failing memory whose family has enlisted a simulacrum of her late husband (Jon Hamm) to keep her company. The film is a compelling exploration […]

“Looking For the Truth,” Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Porn-Adjacent” Epic, Boogie Nights

BOOGIE NIGHTS screens in 35mm at the AFS Cinema starting Saturday June 30th. Tickets and more info here. The opening shot of BOOGIE NIGHTS plunges you into the streets of late seventies California, lit up with neon-psychedelic billboards, pulsing with the sounds of Motown and disco.  As well as the mind of Paul Thomas Anderson, […]

The Zellner Brothers’ DAMSEL Opens This Week. Here’s What the Critics (and Robert Pattinson) are Saying

Star Mia Wasikowska and writer-director-costar David Zellner in DAMSEL   Visit the AFS Cinema Thursday, June 28th for a special premiere screening of DAMSEL. Austin-based writer-directors David and Nathan Zellner will join us for a special screening with a Q&A and a special post-screening DJ Set by The Octopus Project. The film opens for a […]

MARY SHELLEY Opens For A Limited Engagement This Weekend at AFS Cinema

The new film MARY SHELLEY begins a limited run at the AFS Cinema on Friday, June 22. Click here for tickets and more info. Author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was raised by her father, William Godwin, a radical philosopher and one of the earliest proponents of modern anarchism. Mary’s mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, wrote a groundbreaking book […]

New Chef Doc THE QUEST OF ALAIN DUCASSE Opens This Friday at AFS Cinema

THE QUEST OF ALAIN DUCASSE opens on Friday June 22 at the AFS Cinema. Tickets on sale now. With 23 restaurants across the globe and now 18 Michelin stars under his belt, master chef and restaurateur Alain Ducasse is showing no signs of stopping in his quest to bring artful cuisine to the world. In […]

Mondo Belmondo: From New Wave Darling to France’s Greatest Action Star

“I don’t know what they mean” was Jean-Paul Belmondo’s response to being touted as the face of the French New Wave after his turn in Godard’s BREATHLESS. Despite his confusion about this unexpected ascendancy to the top rank of the art-house star-system, Belmondo would go on to achieve worldwide fame among the smart set before […]

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