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  The Holiday season is upon us, and at AFS, that means it’s a time of giving (and sharing great cinema). With Black Friday and Giving Tuesday freshly behind us and the December holidays ahead, we figured we’d make your job as a gift-giver easy with a handy guide, including a few items handpicked by […]

The “Beautifully Sculpted and Quietly Shattering” AFTERSUN Opens November 4 at AFS Cinema

“Rumors of something remarkable have circled around AFTERSUN since its première … and guess what? The rumors are true.” —Anthony Lane, The New Yorker It’s rare that a nearly unknown filmmaker lands so squarely in the middle of the zeitgeist as director Charlotte Wells has with her arthouse smash AFTERSUN. Until recently, she was best […]

PERFECT BLUE celebrates its 25th anniversary, screening September 16-22

  Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival in 1997, forever changing the landscape of animated film as well as influencing many filmmakers to this day. The film operates as a psychological thriller with key horror aspects, yet what stands out most from Perfect Blue is its themes regarding fame, identity, and obsession, […]

Meet the Recipients of the 2022 AFS Grant for Feature Films

  Today, AFS announced the 2022 recipients of the AFS Grant for Feature Films, the annually renewed fund for emerging Texas filmmakers. Eleven projects by fourteen director applicants were selected for awards: four narrative features, six documentaries, and one experimental feature. As with each group of grantees, this year’s roster is one you’ll want to […]

September’s Natalie Wood series begins with her breakout role, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE

  Kicking off September’s Essential Cinema series, Natalie Wood: It’s in the Eyes, is the iconic REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, which served as Wood’s breakout role and helped the actress transition from pigtails to the altogether more adult roles to come later in her career.   Before reaching world-wide recognition with films like WEST SIDE […]

Delphine Seyrig’s namesake film closes out Essential Cinema: Be Pretty and Shut Up!

  After years of work as an actress with films such as Last Year at Marienbad, The Day of the Jackal, and Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, Delphine Seyrig desired to make her own projects, ones that accurately reflected her off-screen life as well as the experiences of other women. Seyrig understood that the only […]


  In case you missed it: Programmer Jazmyne Moreno visited KOOP’s Voyager with Honest John, where the pair discussed Sun Ra and his intergalactic vibes ahead of SPACE IS THE PLACE, screening May 20 -24. Check out the eclectic mix below and tune in to Voyager with Honest John Mondays, 9-10am, only on KOOP. Looking for a quick […]

PETITE MAMAN’S Celine Sciamma on developing her cinematic voice

In case you missed it: Celine Sciamma’s PETITE MAMAN opens at AFS Cinema this week, and in preparation, we are revisiting this fabulous New Yorker profile of Sciamma from February, which gets at the heart of what makes her films so fresh and alive. The piece was written by Elif Batuman, the acclaimed novelist of […]

AFS @ SXSW 2022

(Still from WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND, directed by Iliana Sosa) SXSW 2022 is here! The festival will take place in person from March 11-19, and AFS will have a big presence this year. We are excited to return to SXSW once again with our member showcase. AFS ShortCase is a program of short films made […]

AFS Lead Programmer Lars Nilsen’s Sundance 2022 Favorites

Hello everyone, Lars Nilsen here. Last month I “attended” Sundance for the eighth time, and, unfortunately, for the second year running I was on my couch when I did it. On the plus side, it meant I could experience the whole thing under climate controlled circumstances, with the convenience of my refrigerator and pantry nearby, […]

The Programmer’s Bookshelf Part Two: Jazmyne Moreno

  This week we bring you our second installment of the Programmer’s Bookshelf. Here, AFS’s Associate Programmer Jazmyne Moreno takes us behind the scenes of a few of her favorite titles and into the minds of a colorful cast of characters. Changing  “Bergman’s muse and collaborator reflects on her life from childhood to her career […]

The Programmer’s Bookshelf Part One: AFS’ Lars Nilsen

We’re all about movies, but every so often we love a good book. So, we asked our programmers for a little peek at their bookshelves. This week, AFS’ Lead Programmer Lars Nilsen tells us of the books that changed his life, opened his mind, and gave him a cluckin’ good time. Psychotronic Encyclopedia “For me, […]