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WATCH: Vulcan Video: The Exit Interviews – Hear Stories From Clerks In A New Series

One of our favorite local businesses closed recently, but let’s get this out of the way: It was not unexpected; the sky is not about to come tumbling down on all of us; Austin is not over. But this is a moment to hear from the people who, over the course of many years, worked […]

Watch this: Austin Bookshop Workers Dish in Celebration of THE BOOKSELLERS

Lars Nilsen here, of AFS. In commemoration of the new virtual release of the doc THE BOOKSELLERS, opening this Friday via AFS, we wanted to have a little panel discussion with some of our favorite local booksellers. Full disclosure: I have known these folks for nearly two decades, so we’re having a little fun here […]

Streamers: Explore the Best of Avant Cinema with Tara Bhattacharya Reed

As a member of the Experimental Response Cinema collective, Tara Bhattacharya Reed has curated many a thought-provoking screening of avant-garde cinema. So, while so many of us are homebound, we thought we’d reach out to Tara for something a little different and more outside the usual highways and byways of online content. Here are some […]

BULL – Watch this AFS-Supported Cannes Selection

  Directed by AFS-supported filmmaker Annie Silverstein. Kris, a headstrong teenager from a rural neighborhood on the outskirts of Houston, is destined to follow her mother to the state penitentiary, until she’s forced to work for her equally willful neighbor, Abe, an aging bullrider struggling to keep a foothold in the rodeo circuit. Drawing consolation […]

THE BOOKSELLERS – Charming New Doc Explores the Places Keeping Print Alive

NOW PLAYING Antiquarian booksellers are part scholar, part detective and part businessperson, and their personalities and knowledge are as broad as the material they handle. They also play an underappreciated yet essential role in preserving history. THE BOOKSELLERS takes viewers inside their small but fascinating world, populated by an assortment of obsessives, intellects, eccentrics and […]

Watch This: The TV Commercials Of HAUSU director Nobuhiko Obayashi

We recently received word of the passing of Nobuhiko Obayashi, who is probably best known to many for making one of the most unique films in all of cinema history, the surrealistic teen haunted house movie HAUSU. That film is only one of many wonderful titles made by the late master. We certainly recommend that […]

Watch This: Low Budget Horror Auteur Andy Milligan’s Bizarre TV Sitcom

Andy Milligan was a virtual hurricane of creativity – he wrote and staged plays for years and then switched his focus to making micro-budget horror and erotica films. He also happened to inspire an uneasy combination of terror and loyalty among the members of his stock company. His films, while not for everyone, can be […]

Watch This: EUROPA, EUROPA Q&A with Director Agnieszka Holland

Back in October 2019, we were privileged to host director Agnieszka Holland for a screening of EUROPA, EUROPA (1990), her brilliant account of the absurdities of fascism and war. With Criterion Channel adding it to their lineup just last week, we thought you might want to follow up your viewing of that with this Q&A. […]

Listen here: The Unsung Sounds of The Library Music Era (Mix)

For as long as budget-strapped film and TV productions have existed, there’s been a cottage industry of “stock” music libraries providing them with cheap canned soundtracks, cutting the cost of hiring a dedicated composer. While the utilitarian intersection of creativity and commerce hardly seems like fertile creative ground, at its heyday in the 60s, 70s […]

Streamers: Director Kat Candler Recommends Some Favorite Films & TV

As part of our ongoing response to the Coronavirus crisis, we are asking some of our best pals for home streaming recommendations. We go way back with this week’s guest. Kat Candler was a part of Austin’s film community for many years, making her own films and serving as an all-around catalyst for the moviemaking […]

SLAY THE DRAGON – Watch “One of the Key Political Films of the Decade” (Variety)

A secretive, high-tech gerrymandering initiative launched 10 years ago threatens to undermine our democracy. Slay the Dragon follows everyday people as they fight to make their votes matter. Watch our Virtual Introduction with special guest Evan Smith of The Texas Tribune. REVIEWS “SLAY THE DRAGON is the most important political film of the year, and […]

VITALINA VARELA – Watch the Beautiful, Award-Winning New Film from Pedro Costa

A film of deeply concentrated beauty, acclaimed filmmaker Pedro Costa’s Vitalina Varela stars nonprofessional actor Vitalina Varela in an extraordinary performance based on her own life. Vitalina plays a Cape Verdean woman who has travelled to Lisbon to reunite with her husband, after two decades of separation, only to arrive mere days after his funeral. Alone in […]

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