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Browse This: The Evolution of Film Stocks

Even as the internet rots our collective brain with politically irresponsible conspiracy theories and confusion about whether or not hot dogs are sandwiches (they are), it also plays host to some pretty remarkable resources, such as Barbara Flueckiger’s database, Timeline Of Historical Film Colors. This site is a great place to dive in and learn […]

Museum Of Home Video Presents: The Incomparable Susan Tyrrell

“Orgies?! Anyone will tell you they’re the LONELIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!” – Susan Tyrrell in conversation with Skip E. Lowe During the last five of so years of her life, the great actress Susan Tyrrell (1945-2012) called Austin her home. “Su-su” as she was known to her many friends, was an accomplished screen performer, […]

The Precode ’34’: AFS Favorites from Uncensored Hollywood

Back in 1934, when Hollywood’s self-censoring Production Code began to be enforced zealously, no one would have dreamed that nearly a century later the phrase “pre-code” would be a rallying cry that would drive audiences to repertory theaters en masse, or occasion reveries of nostalgia about hard drinking and adultery among otherwise mild mannered TCM […]

Spotlight on Nebraska’s Greatest Interviewer: Leta Powell Drake

Recently, film Twitter has been on fire with a supercut of interviews by Lincoln, Nebraska TV personality Leta Powell Drake. There are some big laughs in the edit, which of course compiles the most awkward moments from a number of interviews. It’s true that Drake has a unique style, and a big personality, but she’s […]

Watch This: Fellini On LSD

2020 is the Centennial of the Italian Director Federico Fellini’s birth. For many years his name was synonymous with the outré in film, before his acolyte and great admirer David Lynch assumed that mantle in the public discourse. Fellini’s visual style, which brought together great beauty and grotesquerie in the same gorgeously composed frame, greatly […]

Film Noir: Our Picks, From the Canon to the Obscurities

Normally by this time of the year we at AFS would have presented at least one installment of the Noir Canon series at the AFS Cinema. The Canon at this point includes twenty one titles, most of the heavy hitters in the field of post-WWII American crime and detective films: DOUBLE INDEMNITY, THE BIG SLEEP […]

Watch This: Luchino Visconti on the Art of Film

We often hear epic films characterized as “operatic.” Sometimes it’s a lazy adjective, but for Luchino Visconti (born on November 2nd, 1906) it is a correct comparison. In fact his productions of Grand Opera outnumber his feature films. By all contemporaneous accounts he grasped the dramatic and spectacular possibilities of opera as well as anyone […]

Listen To This: Jazmyne Moreno Talks DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS

The monthly AFS Discussion Club has been a small refuge of sanity for the Cinema-obsessed during this pandemic. We have been thrilled to welcome some pretty fantastic guests. This month was no obsession. AFS Lates Programmer and host Jazmyne Moreno joined us for a discussion of DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS (1971), the arty vampire movie that […]

Medium Rare Stakes: Lesser Known Vampire Classics

It’s Halloween month, and for many of us that means our home viewing diet takes a deep dive into the world of horror cinema. At this point maybe you have seen all of the biggies and are exploring the fringes a bit. As it happens we have also done a bit of nocturnal fringe-exploration, so […]

Watch This: Dispatches from Austin’s Public Access TV Past

Public Access Cable Television began in the early ’70s at the time that commercial cable television outlets began expanding their operations through the country. This system of allocating a certain number of channels for local programming was mandated by the FCC thanks to the advocacy of pioneers in the field of community media. The cable […]

Enjoy These Family Style Halloween Streaming Picks

We miss our Family Style screenings at the AFS Cinema with guest programmer/host Stacy Brick, so we asked her to share some of her best scary-but-not-too-scary movie recommendations so that we can stream them together. Here is Stacy: Looking for some spooky or just plain fun Halloween movies to watch as a family? We’ve got […]

Giallo Cinema 101: Directors & Directions

AFS Lead Programmer Lars Nilsen: We thought it might be fun, in the lead-up to Halloween, to take an approach to Italian giallo thrillers inspired by the late American film critic Andrew Sarris, whose highly influential 1968 book “The American Cinema: Directors and Directions 1929-1968” sorted American directors into ten different categories. Since we are […]

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