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Zack McGhee’s ‘My Favorite Movie Podcast’ Is On The Air

Zack McGhee is an AFS member who can frequently be seen at film events around town. He is a man of immaculate taste and one of our favorite people to talk movies with. He has started a podcast called ‘My Favorite Movies’ in which he interviews knowledgable parties, all of them from Austin so far, […]

Selected Shorts: Louis Black Presents Henry Griffin’s TORTURED BY JOY

Our ongoing Selected Shorts series continues here with a choice from AFS Board Member, Austin Chronicle Editor and Austin film legend Louis Black: The first time I was shown Henry Griffin’s 2004 short film narrated by John Lurie was by the always brilliant Nicky Katt in one of the only 30 houses actually on the […]

Half an Hour of Pauline Kael Talking About Movies and Writing? Yes please!

A lot of today’s cinephiles don’t know the name Pauline Kael, or if they do, they have some mistaken impression of her. For everyone who is ooh-ing and aah-ing over the first couple of Tarantino-programmed New Beverly calendars, or about his work in general, you must look to Kael. She provided the intellectual basis of […]

Horror Host Zacherley’s 1967 Halloween Dance Party Show Is WILD

Zacherley The Cool Ghoul (aka John Zacherle, born in 1918 and still alive!!!) hosted late night Chiller Theater broadcasts of classic horror movies in New York and Philadelphia in the ’50s and ’60s. His monster schtick followed him around to his next job too, hosting a teen dance party show called Disk-O-Teen in Newark. Here […]

Selected Shorts: Mondo’s Justin Ishmael Presents GIANT GOD WARRIOR APPEARS IN TOKYO

Our ongoing Selected Shorts series presents different short films presented by creative luminary types. This time we have a short provided for us by Justin Ishmael, CEO of Mondo, the world’s leading purveyors of specialty printed posters and more. Here’s Justin:   I took a trip to Japan a few years ago and happened upon […]

NYC to lose last film processing lab

The bad news keeps on coming for lovers of celluloid. Technicolor and Deluxe’s joint film lab venture, Film Lab NY, just announced that it is closing its doors in December. It’s important to note that here that Film Lab NY was one of the few places that made film processing affordable for independent filmmakers.  Due […]

You Can’t Love Someone In A Void: Philippe Garrel’s Wild Art

From AFS Associate Artistic Director Holly Herrick: JEALOUSY comes to Austin next week with two screenings at the Marchesa (November 2nd and 3rd), and while Philippe Garrel continues to be considered as the almost satirical epitome of art house in the United States, his films demand a more thorough investigation by US cinephiles. This is […]

Lav Diaz’ Interview Responses Are Almost As Long (& Great) As His Films

Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz, whose 4-hour-plus NORTE, THE END OF HISTORY screens as part of our Essential Cinema series on December 4, was interviewed by Andrea Picard of Cinema Scope last year and it’s one of the best interviews we’ve read in a long time. Here’s a sample: On the impossibility of submitting a list of […]

Selected Shorts: Zack Carlson Presents a “10-Fisted Masterpiece Of Sex, Cake, Self-Loathing & Hot Dogs”

In our Selected Shorts series we’ve been asking some AFS Friends for their favorite short films and posting them here for all of you to enjoy. Zack Carlson is an author (his Fantagraphics book DESTROY ALL MOVIES is the definitive reference work about punks on film), screenwriter, film producer, former programmer for Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, […]

The Past Is Another Country, Especially In Japan: Japanese Commercials Featuring American & Euro Stars

I think by now many of us have seen the legendary and amazing Charles Bronson aftershave commercials (directed by HAUSU maker Nobuhiko Obayashi). Just in case you haven’t, or are having a Low-T day. It follows: I also think we’re pretty well aware that American (and European) stars travel to Japan all the time and […]

Edith Head Talks About Her Working Method & Then She Dresses Audrey Hepburn Like A Champ

“I’m just taking these to the garage with the others” Both the recent series of “Good Eye” columns written by Amy Gentry in the Austin Chronicle, and our upcoming event with costume designer Michael Wilkinson have us thinking about the special language of movie clothing design. For years, especially during the time when women were […]

Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words

This short piece from the Women Make Movies YouTube channel shows us some rare footage of the great Chinese-American star Anna May Wong. She was a true star, though sometimes the parts she played were smaller than she deserved. She is one of those stars who makes an instant connection with audiences today, who have […]